Abolishing The IRS and Restoring The Economy

It is easy to point out the shortcomings of the federal government’s economic policies and how they have impacted all of us, but it offers more hope when viable solutions can be arrived at, and so it is over the fate of the IRS. Mark Levin, venerable conservative talk show host, has mentioned many times that a new bill is in the house presently that would call for the removal of the 16th Amendment so as to throw out the collection of income tax thereby ending the IRS. What would this do and how would the positive effects be felt by Americans?

A scheme from the start

Let’s look at just what the IRS has become and what it has been since the history of its inception. As Constitutional writer and armed forces veteran, Devvy Kidd, points out 36 states never ratified the 16th Amendment which was introduced during a recess session in 1913 when most Senators and Congressman were on holiday leave. Then Secretary Philander Knox, once an attorney for many wealthy families, presented the bill for vote. The Revenue Act of 1913 basically resurrected a central bank, a private cartel of banking families under the aegis of financial stability along with creating the Internal Revenue Service. Upon taking a vote on the bill many states voted pass which did not translate into approval it actually mean pass on making any decision, yet Secretary Knox counted this as a vote in favor of. This deceptive maneuver is probably one of the greatest swindles and injustices ever suffered by the American people.

History of failure

In response to handing over the power of the US monetary system into the hands of a few men, an act that President Woodrow Wilson actually agonized over and regretted, the supposed economic stability of the US collapsed during the crash of 1929 and morphed into the Great Depression which continued to plague America all the way into World War II in 1941. The Federal Reserve, a cabal of private families from Europe, who have many times stated they have no allegiance to any nation as world bankers, has continued to influence the US economy into an unceasing series of inflationary and recessionary cycles for decades. Even when massive banking fraud is determined by federal prosecutors, these institutions and their CEO’s are slapped on the wrist with a fine while no one serves jail time. Ultimately the US taxpayer foots the bill for the huge sums of money siphoned from the system.

Guaranteed corruption

Many of the federal regulators who are responsible for policing the system were once bankers or vice versa so justice rarely sees the light of day. The monetary system continues to be buoyed up with fiat currency paper printing and the repurchase of Treasury Notes owned by foreign countries who have been used to monetize the federal deficit. The general public believes that the Federal Reserve is owned by the US government and this is a fallacy that is usually furthered by the half-truths of Federal Reserve officials. While the IRS becomes the terrorist enforcement arm of the Federal Reserve many Americans wonder how such an aggressive yet inept agency that refuses to acknowledge the Constitutional rights of US citizens can possibly by upheld in view of the corruption and politicization that has been allowed to go on under the Obama administration.

The need for reform

As Tea Party and conservative supporters advocate the disassembly of the IRS, and it is agreed by many economists that a flat tax, a fair tax, a consumption tax would not only save government budgets but target those who have more to spend while easing up on those who are more financially challenged as the a costly and corrupt agency is eliminated from Capitol Hill. There is no doubt that removing the IRS dinosaur from the federal budget would also simplify the complicated tax code that seeks to penalize the American citizen at every turn. Yet, according to Dan Celia, a well-known financial expert and radio talk show host this will never happen. According to him the multi-billion dollar lobbying on the hill in favor of perpetuating a complicated tax code will persist as such industries as CPA’s and tax lawyers thrive on interpreting this complex and intentionally misleading verbiage.

Who benefits from the tax code?

Corporations that benefit from loopholes included in this quagmire of conflicting terminology that is the IRS tax code would rather that the system remains undecipherable by most people so that the average citizen is weighed down by excessive income taxes as multinational entities escape the burden of taxation through the conflicting pages of intended complexity. It is ironic that a once small tax that Americans worked only minutes a year to pay has graduated into a punishing beast that most citizens must work several months of the year to pay from their salaries as their buying power and ability to stimulate the economy steadily declines. The IRS has the nation and its people in a stranglehold that originated from the resurrection of the Federal Reserve in 1913 under questionable if not illegal circumstances, and that injustice has been allowed to stand to this day. This while our entire economic system teeters on the verge of collapse!

C-Span presentation reveals shocking truth

Former Revenue Agent for the state of Illinois, William Benson, had in his possession thousands of sealed documents proving that the income tax legislated in 1913 was a farce and should never have been enacted. He made a presentation on C-Span in 1999 that featured former IRS agents who had questioned the validity of their own powers to enforce the law and were either fired or disciplined by their employer, the IRS. Notably, one such agent was Joe Bannister whom the IRS attempted to prosecute but failed to prove their case. Benson was badgered by the IRS who wanted to confiscate his proof. C-Span received one of the largest shares of audience viewing with that program and scheduled for Part II, but that event was not filmed live due to a conspicuous change in film location. Undoubtedly it was an orchestrated move to subdue the release of the truth!

When leadership is no longer representative

Why would our government tasked with the duty of serving its people continue to perpetuate a corrupt and punitive tax system that is actually causing our economic decline? Why do Americans and US employers pay more tax than any other nation of the face of the earth? Will it take a collapse of US currency and the resulting massive social unrest met by federally sanctioned martial law before some kind of resolution to this progressive tax system is arrived at? How could Congress allow such a horrendous scenario to unfold? The answer to these questions is a very sad commentary. Our federal government is unconcerned with the best interests of its citizens as it prefers to rule instead of govern according to the US Constitution. Many believe that we are under a defacto government already or a ruling class that no longer acknowledges the authority of its own Constitution.

Time for much needed change

The answer to our unjust tax code and a recovering economy is to instigate a fair tax, flat tax, consumption tax that can be simply implemented while getting rid of a costly federal bureaucracy replete with an unnecessary fraternity of federal employees. The parasitic nature of the IRS feeding off the people, using tactics of terrorism, and at the same time contributing greatly to a federal deficit is plain and irrefutable! Yet, Congress continues to enable this monstrosity that has been allowed to flourish much too long! It is time for a change. It is time to save this nation from itself by the people taking back control of this country from the federal government. The truth is here and undeniable, but the will of the people is what is in question.

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