In Observance of Memorial Day

Few Americans stop for a moment to contemplate the implications of a holiday that commemorates the invaluable contributions of our brave men and women in uniform who have fought and died for the rest of us. So many have given their lives and health so that we as American citizens could bask in the relative freedoms and peace that we take so much for granted. Few of us could the know the horrors of combat, the incoming salvos of a sea battle, or being shot down over enemy territory in a fighter bomber with the assured fate of being tortured at the hands of their captors.

Coming back Home

Yet, we are fortunate enough to have the bravery and courage of our young men and women come through for us again and again from the major historical battles of world wars to the messy police actions that chew up young men in the meat grinders of steaming jungles and arid deserts. While many never come home alive others try to acclimate themselves back into a society of self-centered, politically correct lemmings, who have been indoctrinated with the news reporting of our state run news networks. It is here where a veteran who may be suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome if he is not physically wounded must work his way back into a job, a family, and hopefully a normal life.

Forgotten Heroes

My father told me how insensitively veterans of Korea were treated upon returning home. The “Forgotten War” as many have called it was an all-out invasion by North Korea that cost millions of lives among southern peninsula families and soldiers as an unprepared US military haphazardly threw untrained and unready National Guardsmen and noncombatant Army personnel such as cooks against mechanized armored divisions of North Korean forces to be slaughtered. In hopes of slowing down the merciless advance of the Communists, ill equipped units of hastily thrown together American units soon fell to the same fate as their South Korean counterparts as the fighting spread across the Korean peninsula. When my father got into a taxi and told the driver he had just gotten back from Korea the reply was, “So what!”


World War II was an unfortunate product of American isolationism and the refusal of citizens and politicians on Capitol Hill to acknowledge that a war mongering Japan who had already unleashed a savage war upon China had designs for US occupied islands in the Pacific. FDR was hard pressed to legislate the Lend Lease Act which allowed US military aid to go to Great Britain as the English fought for their absolute survival against the German Luftwaffe, the “Wolf Pack” of the U-Boat fleet torpedoing supply ships across the Atlantic, and a massive Nazi Army who had just conquered Europe. Young American men would face the challenge of being foot soldiers, tank crews, artillery teams, Naval personnel, and aviators who would be asked to give their lives in order to liberate the world.

Liberating Europe the first time

World War I was the first time that the US military has been called upon to liberate the world and in 1917 ground troops (Dough boys) in their distinctive stamped helmets were deployed in Europe to break the horrid stalemate of “No Man’s Land” and trench warfare. With the addition of the US Army, naval forces, and Air Corps the war was brought to a swift end. However, those enlisted men who served in the war were the same ones who were routed by the forces of General MacArthur during the Great Depression living in tent cities close to the nation’s capital when they were denied their benefits by the federal government and came there to protest. Charged by bayoneted rifle, bombarded with tear gas, and having their shanty town torched by infantry units under the command of General Patton, the World War I veterans were to get a taste of the way our government chooses to treat those who have served overseas and fought in the name of freedom.

Heroes of every era

From our brave and outclassed “Minute Men” who took up arms against polished British professional soldiers and drove them back and into hasty retreat at Lexington and Concord, to our brave Marines who turned the tide during the Tet Offensive in South Vietnam breaking the North Vietnamese army only to have public opinion changed on the campuses and streets of America as the liberal US media made a case for hasty withdrawal when victory belonged to US forces, Memorial Day beckons us. As families think of barbecues by the lake little do they realize the terrible sacrifices made by our fighting men and women.

The liberal response

During the Clinton administration this truth never resonated more clearly when an exhibit was to be displayed on Capitol Hill depicting the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki the two Japanese cities targeted for Atomic bombing from B-29 Super Fortresses in an attempt to bring a long costly war to a swift end. Life size posters of those horribly disfigured by the disintegration caused by the unleashed nuclear power of plutonium radiation were to be showcased. Demonstrators against the American use of Atomic weapons were to be present along with the amplified voices of speakers critical of the US military decision to reap such havoc upon the peaceful citizens of Japan!
These liberal hacks and their neo-human rights distortion of historical events was luckily met with enough World War II veteran’s activism to stem the tide of this planned perversion of the truth and to stop the proceedings before they ever got underway.

How convenient for those critical of President Truman’s decision to drop the bomb and end a bloody war much sooner to forget that Japan had started a war of complete and barbaric savagery against American servicemen as well as the entire Chinese population for years prior to Pearl Harbor until 1945. This liberal misrepresentation of truth behind World War II conveniently forgot to acknowledge how hundreds of wounded sailors and soldiers were bayoneted while in their sick beds by Japanese infantry as General MacArthur’s forces were overrun at Corregidor. They failed to recognize the sheer brutality of the Bataan Death March where more than 300 American servicemen were shot, bayoneted, or beheaded as sick, starving, and dehydrated POW’s were forced on a long journey to their dreaded destination; a death camp for those captured for years to come.

As the bleeding heart liberals felt sorrow only for the survivors and victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki none bothered to shed a tear for the American GI (General Infantryman) who died by the thousands retaking so many Pacific Islands that had been captured by the Japanese shortly after the sneak attack at Pearl Harbor. They did not bother to consider the deaths of more than one hundred thousand Chinese at the hands of their Japanese occupiers in retribution for the Doolittle Raid as American flyers in their B-24 Liberator Bombers dropped bombs on Japanese industrial centers and fled to the Chinese coast where they would hopefully reach aid and comfort in the short months immediately after the Pearl harbor tragedy.

No choice but the right one

In America we have a strange habit of overlooking the sacrifices of our warriors who don’t have a choice of disagreement over wars that don’t seem to fit in with the convenience of our normally peaceful way of life. These veterans merely take their orders and on a moment’s notice are transported into harm’s way. We have taken out freedoms so much for granted that we have not fulfilled our obligation as responsible citizens and voted to keep tyranny out of our federal government, and yet we wonder why we pay ever increasing taxes, why the IRS targets conservatives, why we have sexual content introduced into our elementary schools, why the institution of marriage is under assault, or why American exceptionalism is no longer appreciated among so many other issues.


This Memorial Weekend take a solemn moment to remember the brave sacrifice made by our grandfathers, our Dads, our ancestors who served so proudly and without hesitation knowing they could easily die at a moment’s notice. These were the great generations that preceded ours who fought for the right to be an American and to protect our way of life regardless of race, color, or creed. We will never realize how truly fortunate we are to live under the protection of such men and woman who did not hesitate when called to duty. Does this sound like corny rhetoric to you? Does this sound like the patriotic diatribe that is always so meaninglessly spit out on ceremonious occasions? Then perhaps you need to examine just who you are and that you actually should be holding a debt of gratitude toward to those who made the ultimate sacrifice on your behalf.

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