Obama’s Secret Trip to Afghanistan to Prove he cares about the Troops

Obama visits troops at Afghan Airbase (Media Credit: AFP)

The AP is reporting that President Obama took a secret trip to Afghanistan to see American troops. He landed at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan.

From the White House Press Pool:

(Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan) President Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan for a Memorial Day weekend rally with US troops.

Air Force One touched down at Bagram Airfield under cover of darkness Sunday, having quietly left the Washington area Saturday night.

Obama is expected to get an on-site briefing from his military commanders and visit wounded servicemembers at a hospital on the base.

The centerpiece of the trip is a rally with some of the 32,000 Americans who are currently serving in Afghanistan–a war the president is committed to winding down by year’s end. A performance by country music star Brad Paisley, who traveled with the president, will set the tone for the event, expected to be long on thanks for the troops and short on foreign policy pronouncements.

The show of support for men and women in uniform comes as Obama is trying to tamp down criticism at home over the treatment of veterans seeking care at VA hospitals. In his weekly address Saturday, the president said the nation must work harder to ensure that military veterans get the benefits they’ve earned. “They’ve done their duty,” he said, “and they ask nothing more than that this country does ours.”

On Wednesday, Obama is set to deliver the commencement address at the US Military Academy at West Point. That’s the setting where in 2009 he announced a troop surge that pushed US force levels in Afghanistan to a peak of 100,000, while also setting a timetable for withdrawal. The president now has to decide whether any US troops will remain in Afghanistan beyond 2014, with the limited mission of supporting Afghan forces and battling terrorists. Any such residual force is contingent on agreement from the next Afghan president.

Bagram Air Field Via – Stephen Collinson AFP White House Correspondent

President Barack Obama landed in Afghanistan at 8.17 pm on Sunday on a surprise visit after slipping out of the White House unannounced after dark on Saturday.

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White House Press Corps Twitter Feed:


Super secret PR Photo-op to prove he cares about the troops  serving in Afghanistan – Monday, Obama lays a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknowns and then will visit West Point. No Political strategy there.. its election.  What do you bet that the Marine who is imprisoned in Mexico is released tomorrow.  year don’t cha know


Obama Makes Surprise Visit to Afghanistan

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