Why Your Government Views the US Constitution as an Obstacle

Millions of Americans grew up in public schools decades ago having been taught the full meaning of the US Constitution, its impact on the world, and its role in American exceptionalism. As kids we may have puzzled at that wondering what the emphasis on rights was all about. Now we know. When you have an out of control federal government, that is rapidly spending the monetary system into collapse, and an administration that conducts itself in a blatantly lawless manner, you’ve got problems. Now, you wonder why a very simple and concise document like the US Constitution was drafted in order to ensure that the citizens are safe and have guaranteed rights that protect them from the corruption of a tyrannical federal government.

Historical reminders

Let me take this opportunity to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, who once proclaimed that when government fears the people there is justice, but when the people fear the government there is tyranny. I think this exhibits the sad state of affairs in America. This sad realization also demonstrates just why the present administration prefers to ignore the US Constitution whenever possible and has done so with consistence over the last 6 years. One might ask, why would our very own government violate with impunity our founding document of freedom of the individual and the guarantee of protection from a corrupt federal government? Our forefathers saw perfectly fit to establish these guidelines thanks to their firsthand experience with the oppression by the King of England’s authority as well as government sanctioned violation of individual and human rights within the original 13 Colonies.

The mask of legitimacy

Many feel that already within our government is a mock game of rule that no longer relies upon Constitutional acknowledgment already. That by ruling through the color of law we Americans are seeing the gradual and complete erosion of our Constitutional rights and from that vacuum comes more and more insidious legislation allowing such violations to the long standing heritage of American individual liberty as NSA spying, the IRS scandal, President Obama refusing to consult Congress before deploying the US military into harm’s way (Libya), the serious degradation of our foreign policy, and the passage of ridiculous social engineering laws such as transgender laws to further destabilize the sense of conventional morality here in our society.

The burning question in this

So, the question is asked, “why would our government choose to willfully violate the US Constitution and even attempt to abolish it, especially since our President Obama has expressed having problems with it as well?” Reducing the status of our federal government to a de facto regime is neither permitted nor is it legal under our laws. Yet, those in power who believe that our Constitution is a road block to their plans is only emblematic of the ongoing assault against the American way of life. It is symptomatic of a much deeper problem that stems from apathy among citizens in the political process as it has to do with the obsession of collectivists, who feel they have the right to use government in a way that forces the population against their will to submit to authority for whatever designs of social master planning they intend to unleash.

Why do they do what they do?

Why ignore the US Constitution? What is behind the notion of making people believe that the US Constitution is outdated and therefore irrelevant or in need of an overhaul? Those who would impose their will upon others is one of the oldest social maladies known to mankind from the ancient invasions of China to the feudal kingdoms of Europe and Great Britain, the obsession to possess and use power over the people seems to be an unquenchable thirst for the wicked and powerful. “Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing,” the old bromide says. When government officials decide to use regulations like the Affordable Care Act to gather information on people in a national database, to impose tax over services that should be left to the individual to decide upon, to force all citizens to participate in a mandatory program that will impact 1/6 of the entire US economy, no wonder these elitist schemes await the disassembly from a great human rights document like the US Constitution.
Ronald Reagan once said, “The most terrifying words in the English language should be, I’m from the government and I am here to help.” A cautionary statement indeed, but it does illustrate that even those great leaders in American history realized that the corruption and misuse of the government was not only contemptible but dangerous even though our current White House seems oblivious to this universal truth.

An untrustworthy oval office

The problem is only exacerbated when our President Obama, who many claim is nothing but an inept and entrenched ideologue way out of his depth as others point out that his methods are intentional in the destruction of US foreign policy, worldwide influence, and socioeconomic stability. The last 6 years under the Obama White House would tend to buttress that observation. Many political analysts would even argue that President Obama is delusional not just obsessive as he refuses any compromise.

They come in all labels and forms

The statists, the Communists, the socialists, the progressives, and leftists all have one thing in common regardless of how they might point out their differences. They want total social control using government as the juggernaut to force compliance with their policies as they denounce, smear, and censor all those such as conservatives who oppose them. These delusional elitists do not want equal debate on an open public forum. They want control at any cost, not discussion, not equal air time on the media, they are convinced of their intellectual superiority and therefore, refuse to acknowledge the rights of others.

The ultimate truth

Our forefathers had plenty of experience with the terrorcrats who used government to legitimize tyranny and atrocity in the name of furthering legislated totalitarianism. Through the tunnel vision of these kinds of people all through history of course the US Constitution would at the very least be deemed an obstacle but in the course of their brutal plans to suppress and conquer the US Constitution is a deadly guardian in favor of the people that they should never be victimized by their bureaucrats and elected officials drunken with the power the people trusted them with!

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