A Day In The Life Of The Obama White House (Sabotage)

A sequence of events too k place last week in rapid fire. All were examples of how the Obama administration refuses to comply with the rule of law and continues its attacks upon the American heritage and the traditional concept of a free society. The President unceasingly uses executive orders, refusal to comply, and evasive excuses whenever confronted with his reprehensible behavior.

A succession of assaults

Here are the rapid fire sequel of events I speak of. By Executive Order, President Obama designated half a million acres in New Mexico as the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument which was ten times the original allotment of land for the project. Ranchers will be prohibited from allowing their cattle to graze in this vast area. The land will not be available for vacationing or tourist travel. Such efforts in the past to close down vast wilderness regions to the American people under the aegis of being monuments has resulted in drug cartels occupying these areas and border patrol efforts to be made even more difficult for agents and officers to enforce.

Making energy independence impossible

President Obama has allowed the EPA to sanction the equivalent of Cap and Trade by stiffening standards of emissions for natural gas producers and coal mining operators. Large electrical plants depending on coal in order to supply power grids will be forced to shut down making electric supply at peak times and under weather related stress much more likely to fail and cause massive outages. Energy prices will soar as fewer sources will be available to meet rising demand. Is the President concerned about the middle class and the poor who will have a tough time meeting the increased cost of living? Entrenched ideologues seem too self–righteous to be concerned with the welfare of others.

Whereas the United States is sitting on top of the largest natural gas reserves in the world and could supply cheap and abundant energy to the nation for decades to come with the added advantage of the fact that this form of energy burns clean for the environment, the President has once again blocked that possibility! Imposing his political decision with impunity against a people he obviously has a bone to pick with, this kind of policy threatens our access to cheap, secure, and massive amounts of an environmentally friendly energy source. Once again America is held down by Obama’s boot upon its neck.

Giving back terrorists for a deserter

Without so much as honoring the requirement of a 30 day notice to Congress in order to release enemy prisoners in any attempt to exchange them or grant them a pardon, President Obama once again struck a blow to the nation he is supposed to protect and defend. By rushing into a negotiated exchange of 5 terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay for one US Army Sergeant, whom his fellow soldiers have accused of being a deserter, this President has once again violated the people’s trust, broken the law, and set 5 of the most brutal and well trained Taliban operatives free to, no doubt, undertake acts of hostility against Americans. Once again, politics that benefit the President is all that matters in the latest of either bad decisions or calculated maneuvers that further undermine our efforts in foreign affairs.

Implications of compromise

Many soldiers must now ask themselves whether they will be abducted or captured and used as bargaining chips in order to free more of our dangerous enemies who are dedicated to killing Americans and destroying our society. As usual, our Commander in Chief, fails to recognize the safety of US servicemen or the American people abroad when it involves the Muslim Brotherhood or any other Islamic terror organizations that are dedicated to ending the American way of life. Compromising our military might for the sake of politically correct rhetoric only emboldens our enemies sending a signal of weakness to them as President Obama sends out another signal of compromise to the bloodthirsty and ruthless perpetrators of terrorism that will fight a never ending war if released or placated by ceremonious absurdity as demonstrated by the Obama White House.

A question that needs to be answered

How long does America have in view of the growing tension and strife that has been thrust upon us by the worst presidency ever to darken the doors of the White House? How much longer can this nation stand the intentional weakening of its foundations rooted in national security, social cohesiveness, economic viability, and in the nation’s energy sector? The wolves are at the door. Fine we can fight them as long as we know who they are, but when the Trojan horse has already been delivered and it operates from the White House, how do you defend against the wolves then?

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    • Why this has been allowed to go on is beyond comprehension but in view of a large contingency of unpatriotic immigrants is one explanation another is a bunch of mesmerized students who are unwilling to grasp reality thanks to their radical professors, and the low information voter who believes the lies of the media put this together and yo have a toxic cocktail of unpredictable proportions, but it won’t go well!