Freedom of Speech in America: Really?

If it was bad enough that the revelations about Lois Lerner in the IRS scandal led us down the road of revelations that our very own federal government was planning to investigate, fine, and even imprison conservative groups such as the Tea Party simply for applying for tax exempt status as charity organizations who would distribute voting information, now even something more ominous has surfaced. When we speak of terrorism we quickly realize that this practice is not limited to foreign mercenaries who are radical Islamists. We realize that our political leadership is now acting as such in complete violation of the US Constitution.

A Constitutional lawyer weighs in

Recently John Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney for the Rutherford Institute, announced that the Obama Administration is now arresting those who speak out against the policies of the White House and against President Obama in particular. These detainees apprehended without court order, due process of law, or having not been proven to pose a threat, are being remanded to mental institutions or federal reorientation facilities. The vast majority of these dissidents, as the Communists would call them, are no other than US veterans. As if our former soldiers and personnel who have served in harm’s way have not been given the shaft thoroughly enough by the government they served.

Lessons from history

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then …… Take a look at the bloody pages of history, of the brutal practices of suppression by totalitarian governments of the past! Is the above mentioned shocking revelation not a clear indication of fascism, the typical intolerance of liberalism? Think about it, and talk to your leaders about it, do something about it, while you still can! You, whether you care to or not, are witnessing the end of America as you know it. Ask yourself, since when did the US government have the right to abduct or imprison anyone expressing their opinion?

Think again!

You can deny it. You can go about your busy little life. You can distract yourself with ball games, reality TV, the internet, or video games. You can believe everything the main stream media says and allow them to think for you, but you are losing your country. You are choosing to do nothing about it. Should you wonder why? Should you even ponder just how your future will be affected as well as that of millions of Americans, or should you just think that staying in line, accepting the ever tightening noose of taxes, regulations, and the loss of your Constitutional rights is enough? Think again, Mr. and Mrs. America, the clock is ticking!

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