Softening Up America For The Final Assault

Whether you have considered it or just blew it off, the news headlines are inescapable as America is bombarded with the latest revelation of yet another Obama White House scandal. They seem to go on endlessly too, don’t they? As a matter of fact, like a doctrine of conquest the Obama administration has conducted its signature modus operandi through the continual controversy that eventually wears off or wears down its critics as the never ending reports of scandals surface with unprecedented regularity.

New era of tolerance

As the President alleges phony scandals as his lame excuse, the general public grows weary of the continued barrage of negative news that creates both cynicism and desensitization to events that should strike a chord and force the people to rise up against such corruption in self-righteous indignation because as patriotic Americans they care about their country, but instead there is a curious vacuum in lieu of the disenchantment. What the public never would have stood for 15 or 20 years ago is now tolerated by the uninformed, the indoctrinated, and the wards of the state who seek to prolong their parasitic existence upon federal government handouts. Those who do not fall under this category have allowed the leftist propaganda of our lapdog news media to think for them. Little do too many Americans understand that most of our major news networks are merely regurgitating what the administration tells them to say.

Deadly tactics

What is happening to America? The US dollar is poised to collapse because the federal government has mismanaged the fiscal situation so badly that we are in catastrophic deficits that have been sold to foreign countries like China in the form of Treasury Bills. As the Federal Reserve feverishly prints paper money to the tune of 85 billion each month to buy back those T-Bills in order to artificially float the US economy and keep interest rates low, the BRIC nations are bypassing the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Even as the US employment is at a 36 year low, as wages only have the purchasing power of 1973 levels, and our economic growth is nearly at 0%, we are hearing the false accolades of success and hope from the liars on Capitol Hill.

Amnesty is really intended chaos

With President Obama authorizing the release of 36,000 illegal immigrants back into the US population, many of who are convicted criminals of violent acts, our border security is in shambles. Border patrol agents told to duck and hide when confronted by well-armed drug cartel members, they are being ordered to allow illegal immigrants to cross as false and rehearsed excuses are used to get into the our country, this as our southern-most military bases are being used as daycare facilities for thousands of illegal immigrant children have been ushered across told that they will be accepted. Now disease epidemics such as measles are on the way to becoming major health risks.

Federal vendettas

The Obama administration has targeted states that defied their idiotic amnesty policies such as Arizona and Texas where illegal immigrants are being flown to and dropped off in major cities by the thousands with no end in sight. When asked about what the hell is going on, the White House response is, “We will continue to drop off these illegal immigrants in your cities.” The abject lawlessness and ambivalence is shocking. The disregard for the safety of the American legal citizen is outrageous, and yet it goes on unreported by the news media and unchallenged by the Republicans, whose job it is to defy such lawlessness!

Preparing America to be conquered

What we have is the equivalent of a softening up operation of chaos and internal compromise designed to completely cause this nation to collapse or succumb to an invasion from a foreign power. All the signs are there. Every nation that has ever fallen prey to being internally corrupted by the left and Communism has been defeated the same way we are seeing America being gradually eroded to the point of no return. All the while the sold out bought out main stream media either refuses to report what is going on or is handed what they are to broadcast to the American public by White House press releases.

Loss of trust

Abroad American integrity with its allies has long been in question since the Obama White House took over. We are no longer trusted. One red line after another has been violated and ignored. We have withdrawn from nations where the seed of Democracy had been planted in a rush to satisfy political purpose. As a result Libya has fallen to terrorists who use the country as a safe haven. Iraq is presently under siege and begging for US air power to slow down the conquests of terrorist factions. Egypt is largely under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood. Ukraine faces more unrest, Russian military invasion, and meaningless gestures by the Obama State Department.

Just as others who have fallen

Do not kid yourselves. America is under siege by its own leadership. All branches of government with few heroic exceptions have been compromised and are no longer performing their duties based upon their Constitutional responsibilities. Just as Libya was infiltrated through its government and its borders by radical elements until it fell thanks to the efforts of the US State Department and Ambassador Chris Stevens, America on a much larger scale over a greater period of time is in the process of imploding from intentionally corrupted leadership on Capitol Hill. The people have been blinded with lies of narratives and biased news reporting thanks to the Democratic Party. The GOP has stood aside and watched exercising only token resistance.

Needing a miracle

The stage has been set for a takeover. America, unless saved by the grace of God, or by the will of the people rising up like they should have a long time ago, and taking back this country, it will soon flounder in the death throes of fallen empires before it. Betrayed like Julius Caesar by his trusted senators and generals, this once great nation is poised to fail. Thanks to the Cloward Piven strategy utilized faithfully by President Obama and his minions, who have rejoiced in the destruction of all institutions of moral and traditionally of the American heritage, the people of this once great nation will allow it to fall eyes wide open shut!

What to do?

Is there a way out? Yes. Can this abysmal injustice be reversed? Perhaps. What will it take? It will take the American people saying enough is enough and exercising their own powers, which this out of control Obama White House has done its best to dissuade them of, and take back our nation! Soon the government will move against all Christian radio and TV shows. Soon this federal government will move against conservative radio and TV. They will use the very trumped up kangaroo court tactics of the Nazis and Stalinists who brutally crushed all voices of reason while the people remained still in denial and lethargy. Governor Scott Walker is now under the false charges concocted by the left simply for winning the gubernatorial race in Wisconsin because the people were tired of the unions and their ruthless Communist style tactics. The people of this nation must look deep inside themselves and decide.

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Albert Milliron is the founder of Politisite. Milliron has been credentialed by most major news networks for Presidential debates and major Political Parties for political event coverage. Albert maintains relationships with the White House and State Department to provide direct reporting from the Administration’s Press team. Albert is the former Public Relations Chairman of the Columbia County Republican Party in Georgia. He is a former Delegate. Milliron is a veteran of the US Army Medical Department and worked for Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Psychiatry.


  1. I can’t believe not one person has commented on Doc’s blog post yet. This is sick. Well ‘f’ it, let me be the first to say; I couldn’t agree with you more Doc…so what are u suggesting is the appropriate first step?

    • The first step is well armed, well supplied and prepare. It collapse does come to pass those in the large cities may have to defend themselves from the havenots. Think the worst aspects of the aftermath of Katrina as there will be no popo and no army to come to the rescue as they may very well be occupied elsewhere.

    • The first step is for the people to do something they seem very unlikely to do, and that is to organize into groups like the Tea Party did contact our officials in office and tell them their work is unacceptable and that the people are going to take their country back. marching on Washington like thee Tea Party did is another suggested peaceful society responsibility, but at some point as the apathy goes on an eruption of social unrest is likely once our cowards in office have caused thee collapse of the dollar and a monetary crisis! That’s when the shit hits the fan!

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