White House Propaganda, US Media, and Scott Walker

Through the distortion of reason, the compromise of our free press, and the Democratic agenda, once again more lies are presented to the American public for consumption. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin clearly won the gubernatorial race despite the lies and influence of the labor unions, but still the lies continue from the US news networks fueled by the Obama White House.

Federal judges throw out non evidence

Months ago two federal judges put a stop to the ruthless and vindictive John Doe investigations of the Scott Walker election campaigns, throwing out the ongoing investigations in the subpoena stage. Why? The justification and evidence for such unsupportable allegations were simply inadmissible. Democratic prosecutors had relied on smoke and mirrors in their attempts to punish Scott Walker for winning the post of governor despite all of the cowardly and intimidating tactics of the unions, who were desperately trying to perpetuate their deficit spending and over taxation methodology upon a state that was in need of reform.

False conviction of a governor failed

The measure to move against Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, and somehow prove that he was part of some conservative impropriety of election fraud or voting fund appropriation was proven to be moot, non-existent, of no merit in a court of law months ago. This was an obvious humiliation to Democratic prosecutors who were stopped cold because of their unlawful abuses of evidentiary proof. This, however is what the Democratic Party has thrived on for the last decade, character assassination through false accusation. It has worked through intimidation and disinformation, but in the light of day the truth consistently disproves the lies. Justice prevailed in the Scott Walker case which was orchestrated by the Democrats in retribution for losing in Wisconsin. Their false allegations fell on deaf ears once the federal justices had reviewed the flimsy evidence.

The White House propaganda machine failed

Why now, months later, does the US media go on a tirade about Scott Walker once the matter has already been settled? Why do our news networks engage in wholesale deception over a matter that has already been legally decided by the justice system acting as it should have? This is an example of the complicity and untrustworthy relationship that now exists between the federal government and our Constitutionally guaranteed free press that virtually no longer operates as a viable journalistic entity here in America. The Obama White House needs to demonize the opposition no matter how many lies it takes to be broadcast by the US media, and that is what’s happening on a consistent basis!

The “Big Lie”

Our top TV anchormen and women for CNN and so many other news organizations losing their audience to Fox News and other conservative talk networks have lost credibility in the eyes of the public at unprecedented levels. No wonder President Obama has waged a war against Fox News network knowing that the audience represented by that organization dwarfs CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and ABC combined. Why? Lies have consequences. Elections have consequences. Failed leadership has consequences. All 4 thousand of our major network media journalists are members of the CFR. That should tell you something. It should tell you about just what the true agenda is of these types of international organizations who operate on covert political levels really is. They are up to no good!

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