The Federal Government’s War Against The People

One could easily determine that the contradictory actions of our leadership on Capitol Hill seems poised toward the destruction of our nation on multiple levels such as economic, social, energy, monetary, and national security. In order to come to this conclusion one need only to evaluate the headlines of the last 6 years under the Obama White House to arrive at the objective truth.

Breaching the nation’s border

On virtually every level the radical orientation of this Democratic Party administration is working toward the destruction of America. Why would our southern border be in chaos allowing escorted children to flood US border cities requiring our military bases to be used as day care facilities for thousands of children from Central and South America? As the federal government fights state’s rights to defend their own borders thanks to AG Eric Holder’s agenda to unconstitutionally impose amnesty by compromising the security of our border’s, the lives of US citizens are also threatened. Drug cartel gangs, convicted violent criminals, and unidentified terrorists have been allowed across the border as well as being released back into the US population as ICE is ordered by the White House to do so.

Killing jobs cutting off fuel

Under the aegis of environmentalism the President has allowed the Keystone Pipeline Project to remain unapproved, unsigned, thus side stepping a secure, job producing, tax revenue generating, and cheap source of energy distribution from being realized. Just as other economic policies of this administration have proven to be a failure, the only appreciable increases we can note have been in the form of unemployment, welfare, and food stamp deficit funding by our federal government under Obama’s watch. Purely for political gain, the nation teeters on fiscal failure in order to keep the Democrats in power.

Agencies now domestic terrorists

Lois Lerner, who orchestrated the targeting of conservative groups legally seeking tax exempt status for voter support during the presidential campaign of 2012, clearly demonstrated the IRS being used to harass and intimidate the political opposition to the Obama administration. Using the Gestapo-like tactics of illegal search and seizure of personal information, donor sources, and stalling application approval, the IRS has become a tool of federal government sanctioned domestic terrorism! After 6 separate investigative probes by subcommittees in Congress, still subpoenaed evidence goes unanswered as emails from 6 different IRS officials in addition to Lois Lerner magically were destroyed by hard drive crashes despite extensive back-up systems already in place under federal regulations.

Endangering fiscal stability

The continued call by the Obama White House for spending above and beyond Congressional debt ceilings has pushed the federal deficit to unprecedented levels that threaten to permanently damage the value of the US Dollar. Destabilizing the entire US economy by destroying the value of American currency, could cause massive social unrest much like we have seen through-out Europe and Egypt once the public loses its buying power in order to simply survive. It appears to be inevitable under present policy. Why would any government concerned about the welfare of its citizens allow such irresponsible action to jeopardize the future economic stability of its country? Most objective economists and fiscal experts would agree that this eventuality is not a matter of if only a matter of when!

Keeping them dumb

Using federally mandated educational programs such as “Common Core” to de-emphasize individual excellence and superior achievement in order to maintain a dumbed down consensus over the students of our government funded public schools ensures a public indoctrinated enough to accept being ruled like idiots with tyranny. This is how big government suffocating the rights of citizens can succeed when children are not given the tools of critical thinking and are urged to accept lowered standards of achievement. It boils down to taxpayers’ dollars being used to unwittingly fund the degradation of a national educational system that was once the best in the world. Now US students score much lower than those in many nations, and the trend seems only to getting worse. It appears the federal government has paid for and gotten the exact result it was after; impaired standards of learning.

Creating subterfuge

Keeping a nation in social turmoil by attacking accepted morals and ethical standards is a classical tactic of the Communist doctrine implemented with enthusiasm by the Democratic Party through the advocacy of gay marriage, LGBT public restroom facility access where male transvestites can openly expose themselves to young girls in public school locker rooms are a toxic example of fueling controversy. The question of rights and perversion have now been sufficiently muddied and confused. When the parents of children participating in the educational process of confronting school boards over the content of their radical agenda are being jailed in trying to protect their children from inappropriate material, you can be assured that the state has stepped in to force feed the young something they have no right to impose!

At what level are we at?

If you bother to consult former KGB disinformation specialists like Yuri Bezmenov, who defected to Canada from the Russia in the 1980’s, you will find that the Democratic Party has adopted the tactics of Soviet style indoctrination, demoralization, destabilization, and finally normalization. As Yuri pointed out, the final stage (normalization) as defined by Soviet style standards was achieved once Russian Army tanks were on the streets of the nation they had targeted for takeover. Ask yourself in what stage is America right now in this prolonged assault that our federal government has waged against our nation?

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