Emily Zanotti: Internet Feminists War on Women’s Intelligence

We have been following Emily Zanotti on Twitter and at NakedDC for years.  Emily is a comedian, political communication/public affairs professional (spin doctor) and a self-professed nerd. She is punny and extremely insightful on political discourse.  Politically a “radical” Libertarian.  To give you insight into her style, one only needs to peruse her bio:

John McCain once looked at her boobs, she’s a radical libertarian, she doesn’t blog naked, she started writing like this in first grade, her imaginary friend is named “Lisa,” she went to law school, no she cannot get you out of a DUI, she has never lived in DC and can’t handle it for more than ten days at a time, there are photos of her on the Internet dressed up as beloved comic book characters..

That should give you a taste of Emily.  Today in the American Spectator she takes on the internet feminists “war on women’s intelligence”


If you’re still on social media after yesterday, you’re profoundly masochistic, in need of a stiff drink, or both. Take this moment to examine your Twitter timeline for evidence of the following words: “slippery slope,” “minefield,” “ban,” and “birth control.” Use them as a drinking game and get yourself most of the way into a bottle of Smirnoff. If there were ever an excuse for day-drinking, it’s the amateur constitutional lawyering happening across the Internet. Let’s not mention the Oval Office, where the “constitutional lawyer” in residence stridently disagrees with the professional justices on the Supreme Court.

What has happened over the course of the last twenty-four hours is nothing short of a War on Women. But this isn’t the war that has dominated headlines for its fanatical notion that people do not lose their right to believe in a higher power once they open their organic, locally-sourced artisanal coffee joint in greater Portland. The women who purport to speak as mouthpieces of the feminist movement on the Internet may be the least intelligent consumers of media since the people of Salem took the word of two twelve-year-old girls as gospel truth of demon infestation.

When addressing Internet feminists I use the word “feminist” loosely, since while the term should encompass nearly every walk of life interested in the true rights of women, it seems in this case to refer specifically to someone who is so hapless at financial and reproductive matters that she’d practically prefer bottles of birth control be administered by a government authority that also watches her swallow them. To hear such harpies opine you’d think the Earth had caved in, the bottom had fallen away, and that condoms were going to be placed under lock and key by ruthless and uncontrollable Hobby Lobby executives bent on bringing about a dystopian Margaret Atwood novel.

Absent from the discussion is the notion that the ruling was relatively narrow. It applies provisions of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (authored by Senator Chuck Schumer and signed in to law by Hillary Clinton’s husband) to companies that are directly owned and managed by people who have day to day connections to the business. The ruling applies only to the Health and Human Services contraception mandate, and the ruling itself offers a congressional remedy that would serve the government’s purpose of handing out free birth control whilst preserving those First Amendment rights that our country was founded on, thanks to that ragtag band of Plymouth Rock-bound puritanical nutcases.

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