Parallel Between Independence Day Then and July Fourth Now

It was 238 years ago that the 13 Colonies would declare independence from Great Britain with Thomas Jefferson writing the famous words that would characterize the meaning of American exceptionalism and what was at the heart of the rift with King George’s oppressive government. Yet, today many Americans cannot help but see many parallels between then and now. The numerous conflicts of interest within a big suffocating government and its citizens who have grown restless and resentful as a result, are reminders of just why bloodshed was unleashed. In the name of freedom and fair representation, the elements of colonial settlers, businessmen, and farmers bravely defied the most powerful nation on earth and the most professional army that was deployed by it.

Government sanctioned economic plight

Such grievances as taxation without representation, stifling regulations, foreign banking creating recessionary cycles, and laws that seriously undermined the rights of the people who were being governed set into motion a series of events that made war inevitable. Today, many people wonder if that particular set of circumstances does not indeed exist today under the bungling leadership of the Obama administration. Out of control spending, dangerously high deficits, manipulation of the media, falsified economic and job data, and a president that uses executive orders to rule like a dictator rather than consult Congress and respect Supreme Court rulings are just a few of the grievances shared among Americans. It seems we are seeing an end to the America we once knew and an unwanted transformation into a tyrannical mediocrity.

Destruction of the middle class

Many have blamed Federal Reserve policy for the dangerous ratio of loans that upon massive default created a bubble in the economy in 2008. Analysts look upon President Obama’s trillion dollar bailout as only shoring up Wall Street and those friendly to the Democratic Party cause while the Middle Class has shrunken ever since under a plethora of inept economic policy. As America languishes in high unemployment and non-existent economic growth, the Obama White House does nothing of any consequence to change it other than strapping new taxes on Americans and making affordable energy less available and more expensive.


Much like the government of King George in 1776, the Obama White House has a compromised justice department that refuses to act over the IRS Scandal, the NSA Scandal, the Benghazi Scandal, and so many other breaches of our US Constitution that this presidency perpetrated. The law breaking within the White House seems endless while the insertion of left biased judges and Eric Holder’s corrupt Department of Justice has left no one but ineffective Republican subcommittees to watch dog our dwindling freedoms. King George’s government had no interest in discussions or fair negotiations just as the Obama White House seeks to eradicate all opposition such as Fox News, Christian talk radio, and conservative commentary in order to rule over us.


President Obama, much like King George, does not have enough respect for his opposition to equally debate issues instead he would rather use unilateral executive orders and bypass legislation that has passed using votes better represent the will of the people. President Obama in his delusional state is convinced of his vision for America as he opens the floodgates to higher energy costs, job killing regulations, and an amnesty policy that will punish the American work force while creating chaos along our southern border states. This president has little regard for the people he was elected to represent and the Constitution he took an oath of office to defend. Just as King George of England had little sympathy for the 13 Colonies that he over taxed, over regulated, and imposed laws upon that violated rights to privacy while condoning police state tactics of search and seizure, the Obama White House has carried on that same tradition.


When President Obama signed the NDAA laws into effect allowing the US Army to be used in a domestic capacity in violation of posse Comitatus, he signed these rulings into effect so that American citizens can now be arrested and held indefinitely without due process of law. He is acting in reminiscence of the very rules of oppression that brought American colonists to the point of rebellion. When our forefathers drafted the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence breaking free of the chains of big government and the central bank were very much on their minds. Our founding fathers wanted a well-defined path to uphold the freedoms of future generations of Americans so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past. However, those lessons of history have been spat upon by an arrogant President who thinks he is above the law.


President Obama by virtue of his actions must fancy himself as a charming dictator who is bringing America tumbling down according to the resentment he feels toward this nation and its people. There can be no other explanation. Why is the Obama White house relying so heavily on a compromised news media if everything is going so well and according to plan? Because it isn’t! The destructive leadership that is nearly breaking America must be hidden from plain view or presented as unintentional at best from the grasp of beleaguered citizens who have been led like lemmings over a cliff by this administration.

The struggle for freedom

Just as much as the iron fisted tactics used by the King George government to oppress the colonists using military might upon those who simply wanted to be left alone in order to earn their prosperity this current administration has relied on administrative suffocation by such agencies as the IRS, the EPA, and FBI to carry out their political agenda and flaunt the US Constitution. Yes, there are many parallels between the past and the present quite sadly that illustrate the fall of a great nation that has been implemented by compromised leadership on Capitol Hill.

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