WIS TV Columbia SC Fires Ben Hoover, Creates Firestorm

Ben Hoover is an anchor of the class act news team at NBC affiliate WIS TV 10 in Columbia, South Carolina. We are flabbergasted that Raycom Media has chosen not to renew Ben’s contract.  We have seen many great members of this new team leave for other opportunities, but we feel WIS TV will regret this move.

— After Thursday’s evening broadcast, WIS anchor/reporter Ben Hoover informed his Facebook readers that Friday is his last day on the air at channel 10.

“Recently, I was informed by station managers that they did not wish to renew my contract,” Hoover wrote.

He admitted that the decision by WIS not to renew his contract took him unawares.

“I wish I was in a position to announce the next opportunity for my family and me. But, to be honest, I didn’t see this one coming. So, as we like to say on the news, you’ll have to stay tuned. And, maybe say a little prayer for my family and me.”

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Poll: Should WIS TV (Raycom Media) Renew TV Anchor Ben Hoover’s Contract?

Ben Hoover Related this on his Facebook Page:

After 6 years of anchoring and reporting at WIS, this Friday, July the 4th will be my last day on the air. Recently, I was informed by station managers that they did not wish to renew my contract. Like so many other anchors and reporters in the past, I wish I was in a position to announce the next opportunity for my family and me. But, to be honest, I didn’t see this one coming. So, as we like to say on the news, you’ll have to stay tuned. And, maybe say a little prayer for my family and me. One of my closest friends shared this with me in the last few days: “If it’s not fatal, it’s not final…and, if it’s not final, it can be fruitful.” That friend is Judi Gatson. Working side by side with “JG” has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career and life. Judi, Dawndy, Papa Joe, John, Ben, Rick and my core group of “news hounds” here will forever be like family to me. I will miss them like crazy. Some of the stories I’ve covered over the years have been very heavy and hard to tell. A dad living on the streets after every corner of his life crumbled. The young parents in a fight and race to save their precious little girl. A military mom smiling through raw pain to ensure her son’s legacy (and dimples) aren’t forgotten. All of them, and others, facing down some of life’s greatest challenges. But, what’s always stood out to me is the one common thread that ties them all together – hope. So, in the name of the dig deep, do good, work hard, “never give up” spirit so many of our viewers have shown me over the years, I say — HOPE is a pretty doggone good thing. After Friday, you won’t see me on WIS anymore but please stay connected on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and email hoov11@hotmail.com. I promise to do the same

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This from WIS- TV Co-Anchor Judi Gatson:

Hello friends! Hope you are enjoying this Independence Day with family & friends and looking forward to the fireworks tonight. I was looking forward to anchoring my last newscasts with Ben Hoover this evening & sharing this with you but now that I have the day off I’ll just post it for you here. When someone has been such a blessing to so many it’s important to say thank you for your hard work, passion and dedication. With memorable stories like this that have touched people in such a special way, it’s inevitable that big blessings will come your way my friend! xoxo A special thanks to Taylor Kearns for putting this together.

There are literally thousands responding on Twitter and Facebook.

Television Media who read Politisite, here is your opportunity to pick-up one of the best TV anchors in broadcasting.

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