The Top 10 Most Patriotic States in America and the Least

According to the Movoto Real Estate Blog,  South Carolina tops the list of the most patriotic states in America.  California comes in as the least patriotic.

The data used to compile the list came from the  2012 Census, Veteran Affairs, Google, Facebook and Wikipedia.

In this very patriotic time of year, it’s easy to fly our flags high, sing our country’s praises, and fall in love with America all over again. But what about the rest of the year? Well, we know that you’re a diehard patriot, but what about others in your state?
Here at the Movoto Real Estate Blog, we figured that now was the perfect time to look at which states fly their banners highest and sport the red, white, and blue the best. We rounded up some data, compiled a ranking, and found that these were the 10 most patriotic states in the our great nation:

1. South Carolina
2. Maine
3. North Carolina
4. Wyoming
5. Virginia
6. Florida
7. Georgia
8. Alaska
9. Alabama
10. Arizona

The South definitely represented on this list, and the East in general made a very good showing. But how does one define a patriot?

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So which states are the least patriotic?

  • 41. Oregon
  • 42. Connecticut
  • 43. Kansas
  • 44. New Jersey
  • 45. Mississippi
  • 46. Hawaii
  • 47. Vermont
  • 48. Rhode Island
  • 49. Minnesota
  • 50. California

The basic criteria used to compile the Most Patriotic States list is as Follows:

  • National Historic Landmarks per Capita
  • Veterans per Capita
  • Money Spent to Fund Veterans
  • Percent of Residents That Voted in the Last Presidential Election
  • People Who Google For American Flags to buy
  • People Who List America as an Interest on Facebook

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  1. The process used to define rankings is not accurate. Some states, such as Mississippi will automatically rank low due to 2 of the factors having to do with internet, as most in Mississippi do not have internet access, and those that do for the most part are limited to dial up. This ranking is not feasible and does not reflect a true and accurate ranking.