President Obama Funding The Continuance Of A Border Crisis

What was it that Rahm Emmanuel once said, “never let a crisis go to waste,”?
Never let it be said that President Obama never took these words to heart now as he attempts once again to capitalize on the current so called “Humanitarian crisis” on our border states. Proposing a 3.8 billion dollar bill to fund the supposed remedy of the orchestrated immigration chaos now rendering our southern border with Mexico into a non-existent barrier to infiltration is coming along nicely. It appears that the President’s adherence to Cloward Piven strategy in overwhelming the US with one crisis after another along with dangerously irresponsible over spending is succeeding. The GOP dominated House of Representatives has done nothing to curtail this onslaught but put up token resistance.

Long range plans in place

It would seem, looking at this situation with objectivity and historic perspective, that a well-planned objective to decimate America as we know it and render her impotent in the affairs of state as well as lobotomizing the public’s perception of their Constitutional rights is moving along swimmingly. One might recall that in a 1958 speech made by founder of the John Birch Society, Robert Welch, that the federal government would begin dissolving the borders of the states, thus eviscerating state’s rights. Removing all jurisdictions but those of Capitol Hill is underway. The intervention of the federal government would then continue on all levels, state, county, city until all citizens were controlled directly by Capitol Hill in complete contradiction to the original vision of our forefathers, who drafted the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.

A visionary who was ignored

Robert Welch went further in prophesizing that the federal government would be literally compromised by Communism, taxes would become stifling, American armies would be called upon to exhaust our resources on a global scale, and the rights of the nation’s citizens would be reduced to an illusion of their original intent. Have we not seen every aspect of Robert Welch’s warning come to fruition? I would think so. Heartbreakingly true is the reality of an America that has nearly gone under thanks to a federal government that has undermined our country with gutless leadership and treasonous intent. A Congressional body that has disastrously mismanaged the fiscal well-being of America is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Yet, in spite of this President Obama proposes more spending to enable the influx of illegal aliens into our country without due process of law!

Using taxpayer money for illegals

The 3.8 billion dollar bill proposed to supposedly address a border crisis brought on by the actions of the President and his administration will sabotage efforts at defending our border and enable a continual arrival of more and more illegal immigrants! This appropriation will continue to be funded over and over and over again. Only 5 % of the money will actually go to shoring up border patrols and defenses while the rest of the money will go toward the relocation process, legal representation, and health benefits for these escorted masses to find housing in the United States! This bloated and deceptive revenue play will only serve to accommodate more illegal aliens, automatic Democratic voters, a cheap labor force for the corporate sponsors of the left, and create havoc for the American worker seeking jobs!

Undermining national security

Once again the President is literally castrating our border defenses under the aegis of a proposed funding bill to address the southern border chaos when, in actuality, he is creating a slush fund for the future leftist Democratic Party rule of America! This oval office con artist is doing nothing but sealing the coffin of our Constitutional Republic with a continual legislated assault upon this nation so that he can see his contempt for American exceptionalism and conservative heritage realized. Plunging America into mediocre third world status once and for all ending this great nation as we once knew her to be, unless the people react then the end draws near. On every level, economic, militarily, social, foreign affairs, and of national security, President Obama has led the charge to assault this nation on every essential cornerstone in order to achieve his twisted egocentric agenda!

The conduct of a traitor

From drinking beer and shooting pool with Colorado Governor Hickenlooper in the midst of the crisis to refusing to visit the southern border of Texas at the invitation of Governor Rick Perry, President Obama has plainly exhibited his ambivalence to the cause of America. The US media has gladly participated in the ongoing deception and refusal to report objectively the failures of the Obama White House working hand in hand with this destructive administration. The classic destabilization of America using the Soviet handbook of conquest from within according to former KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov has been successfully executed. Despite the warnings, despite the dire circumstances that now exist in the US the American public continues to tolerate the intolerable!

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