Military fiancé gets hate-filled letter for “I Love My Soldier” decal

As reported by Independent Journal Review, a military fiance’s “I Love My Soldier” car decal offended a random passerby so deeply that they left a hate-filled and threatening letter on her windshield. Ellen Wilson posted the letter she found to her Facebook page:

So I noticed your “I love my soldier decal. I’m sure he is your “hero” too right? I feel really bad for you and how blind you must be to what is really going on in this country. First off he is not your hero. Your “man” is a pawn being used in the immoral game of wholesale murder. If you’re aware of the real reasons America goes to war(corporate profits) and the role “soldiers” play in making such immoral acts possible. The last thing you would label a soldier is a hero. There is nothing heroic about blindly following immoral orders from a undeserved paycheck, especially when such orders involve the unnecessary murder of others!!! It’s people like you and your “soldier” who are destructing our country, shame on you b****! You’re lucky I didn’t slash your damn tires!!

The author of this letter didn’t have the guts to sign a name, but the message is clear. My message to Ms. Wilson is your loved one is truly an American hero. What makes him heroic is that he stands guard for the right of free speech even for a jerk like this.The person who wrote this letter represents the worst among us. Your special guy represents all that is great about America — now and forever more.

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  1. OMG, what a POS this letter writer is. There should have been a draft with this person’s sorry behind being sent to the remotest corners of the world. Shame on this person.

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