President Obama’s Thursday July 17 Schedule “PolitiSite” Sarcasm Style

President Obama’s Thursday Schedule “PolitiSite” Style

President Obama will travel to Wilmington, DE with his pen and phone to tie up traffic on the I495 bridge because he wants more money for roads and bridges that the stimulus was supposed to be used for… But things were not quite shovel ready back then… And they wasted the money because it needed to stimulate a few donors.

Following, president Obama will talk about his pen and his phone… And blame republicans for his failures.

He will then travel to the big apple and place the “fundraiser in chief” hat on and attend a DNC fundraiser… After he will attend a PAC meeting ( you know the groups he hated and campaigned against, Until 2012 when he needed cash to beat Romney) yeah, a political action committee and will raise some cash there as well..

He will raise this money to keep democrats in office since they have done such a fine job.

End of Sarcasm.

Obama’s Official Schedule Thursday July 17, 2014

  • 11:20AM THE PRESIDENT departs the White House en route Joint Base Andrews
  • 11:35AM THE PRESIDENT departs Joint Base Andrews
  • 12:15PM THE PRESIDENT arrives Delaware
  • 2:10PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks on Infrastructure Port of Wilmington, Wilmington, Delaware
  • 3:15PM THE PRESIDENT departs Delaware en route New York
  • 4:00PM THE PRESIDENT arrives New York
  • 5:45PM THE PRESIDENT attends a DNC event at Private Residence, New York, New York
  • 7:30PM THE PRESIDENT attends a House Majority PAC roundtable event Private Residence, New York, NY
  • 9:15PM THE PRESIDENT departs New York
  • 10:15PM THE PRESIDENT arrives Joint Base Andrews
  • 10:30PM THE PRESIDENT arrives at the White House
Briefing Schedule

Press Secretary Josh Earnest will gaggle aboard Air Force One en route Delaware

Obama’s Projected Vacation Schedule

Martha’s Vineyard, MA  – August 9th – 24th, 2014

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