The Undocumented Treated Better Than Americans

The Undocumented Get Better Treatment Than Americans

As thousands of illegal immigrants pour through our borders unfettered by the presence of border patrol agents or laws of the United States there are some sobering facts to consider. As US war veterans die while waiting for a ridiculous amount of time for treatment, American citizens are attacked by drug cartels violating the US border with Mexico, and many of the elderly are losing their medical benefits thanks to Obamacare, the undocumented from countries such as Honduras and Guatemala are treated like heroes.

Citizens what citizens?

Why would a nation treat its very own citizens with disinterest while awarding the illegal aliens of other countries with medical benefits, relocation services, medicine, and food? Answer. The Obama administration is making a political play. They have managed to deceive the public into believing that the border crisis caused by the President and his minions refusing to uphold the federal immigrations laws is now a humanitarian crisis. When proof that the administration has been soliciting for help to get drivers to transport the illegal immigrants to the border from their Central American countries for years now, we have the true picture now.

Clandestine purpose

Opening the floodgates at the borders has nothing at all to do with the generosity of the Obama White House Democrats, or any great American tradition. It has to do with the recruitment of new voters for the party so they can remain as the ruling class. The influx of thousands of these children claiming they are refugees from violence and drug gangs belies the true purpose of their arrival. They have been promised subsidies. They have been encouraged to go to the US border and to be recipients of American aid. They are not interested in becoming citizens committed to the allegiance of their new found nation. They are seeking the fringe benefits of playing the border crossing game, and they will get what they want!

Putting the bite on local communities

Already some 40 US cities have had large numbers of the undocumented shipped into their jurisdiction where they will be a drag on the local economy and one more federal expense that the US Treasury will ask the Federal Reserve to print more money for. With the US economy barely able to stay afloat and continued spending by the White House creating runaway national debt still we have the White House pandering for more money to accommodate the growing illegal population. Local US citizens already struggling with their economic situations will find they now have large numbers of children and others from Central and South America who may have contagious diseases, may have criminal records, may be working for the drug cartels, and most likely have not had background checks. How many Middle East terrorists have crossed over already?

Ulterior motive

It is clear that priorities of the federal government do not lie with American citizens who are hard pressed to find jobs and keep up with the cost of living as the administration’s energy policies will necessarily increase the cost of electricity. Southern border state residents of Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico have been killed by drug cartel members. Border agents are understaffed and told to run and hide when confronted by drug gangs. Evidence now indicates that rogue Mexican military units are violating the US border with impunity, harassing American border patrols and in one case using attack helicopters to strafe law enforcement personnel.

Creating a crisis

Why does the President fail to send National Guardsmen to the border to stabilize the situation? Why is the ICE not being empowered to simply load up the illegal immigrants and fly them back home sending a clear message to the undocumented that only through the due process of law can they become citizens, and thus be treated in accordance with the same rules that apply to you and I? Why has President Obama authorized the release of thousands of apprehended illegal immigrants who have violent criminal records back into the US population? Isn’t our federal government supposed to protect it’s own citizens?

The legacy of amnesty

Apparently the undocumented are the trump playing card for the Obama administration and the future Democratic Party rape of this nation as each and every illegal immigrant who has been unlawfully allowed to remain in the US after violating our border will always vote for the Democratic ticket in gratitude for their residency in America. Even though the lies and illusions of illegal immigrants contributing to local economies have been proven wrong with 3 US dollars being spent for every single dollar of illegal alien commerce generated for the community in which they reside, still the deception goes on. Billions in US dollars earned by illegal immigrants are shipped back to their countries to support their families as opposed to being spent within the US communities where they live and work.

Assault on American job market

Let us not however concern ourselves with facts and reality as both Democrats and establishment Republicans conspire to destroy this nation piece by piece with their damaging and short sighted legislation. This says nothing of the coming economic crunch that will allow employers who sponsor this radical law enactment to have an abundant resource of cheap labor that will work for less and under worse conditions than American employees. We must face the facts here. Our federal government is not only willing to allow the undocumented more consideration and better treatment than veterans dying on waiting lists and Americans who cannot find a job thanks to the Obama White House policies, but they will even help place them in residency in cities across the nation!


If the American voters along with the generally uninformed public had a spine or became involved enough in the political process to clearly see what this administration is doing to our country they would be up in arms. They would be demonstrating on the streets of Capitol Hill, and they would be keeping busloads of this privileged undocumented, influx from driving through the streets of their towns awaiting the hand of the Obama White House to give them advantages and benefits that it would not bother to bestow upon it’s very own citizenry, who languish under the inept rule of an oval office dictator that refuses to acknowledge our US Constitution. They would be enraged by the fact that all this has been contrived and orchestrated. A crisis has been created where there was none!

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