President Obama Wants To Further Punish US Corporations

In a speech given in California July 24th on Thursday, the President once again revealed his socialist agenda in proclaiming that he will push for the passage of a bill to penalize US corporations that seek offshore tax havens due to the present confiscatory burden of the US government. American employers who cannot find any good reason to be paying more of their bottom line to a federal government that assesses the highest corporate taxes in the world could be fined by the feds for what was legally exercising their right to locate offshore into friendlier tax jurisdictions in order to cut unnecessary expenses such as taxes. Why not? It behooves any corporate entity to cut expenses where possible. In being accountable, the board of directors must answer to shareholders who seek to make profits on their holdings.

The arrogance of refusal

Why should any major retailer or chain have to endure the highest corporate taxes in the world for no other reason than our President’s incessant lack of respect for fiscal responsibility? Again and again this administration refuses to stem the tide of debt ceiling crises while evoking more controversy such as the current border dilemma where once again the President presses for millions for the assistance of illegal immigrant children pouring over US state lines thanks to intentions of the White House. More examples of Cloward Piven style tactics designed to overload an already precarious economic disaster are being unveiled by the Obama White House.

Proven history of a solution

Unlike President Ronald Reagan who remedied a steep recession by cutting income and corporate taxes while decreasing the size of the federal government, President Obama blindly persists in his failed policies of forcing the people and the American employer to suffer under the suffocating weight of big government taxing everyone into duress when the labor participation rate right now is at 1973 levels due to continuing high unemployment. This President, with no savvy what so ever when it comes to economic management wants to continue to punish America and wage his narcissistic personal vendetta against a nation he considers ultimately unjust in relation to the rest of the world.

No logical answers

How does continued deficit spending to fund such radical causes as donating money to the terrorist organization HAMAS or funding the relocation and aid to illegal immigrants here in the US remedy the unemployment picture for the American work force? How does punishing US corporations forced overseas by unfair federal corporate taxes help the US consumer or increase the prospect of hiring American workers? Answer. It doesn’t Mister President! You cannot mold America into your vision! We were never a nation of socialists Mister President! Capitalism has brought traditional prosperity to the citizens of America Mister President!

Fiscal insanity

Why isn’t the federal government finding ways to cut unnecessary spending? Why aren’t welfare and food stamp programs being more closely scrutinized for fraud and duplicity? How can this administration continue to ignore the successful formula of recovery already sanctioned in the past by according to the Reagan doctrine utilizing conservative fiscal discipline? You know why? That would be an admission of failure by the President. He would have to concede that his policies have been a failure. The Obama White House would have to admit that their radical agenda was a failure. Rather than admit through simply enacting the proper policies of remedial economic policy this administration and its ambivalent President Obama would rather continue driving America into the ground, forcing this great nation into being a third world banana republic resplendent with a large population of wards of the state.

False doctrine

A socialist regime can only exist when it creates a huge population of dependents who have either given up or have been indoctrinated into the entitlement mindset believing that the crumbs of equality are preferable to the prosperity of competition in a free enterprise environment where the private sector is the generator of the economy not the oppression of big government. Yet, this White House would rather play the class warfare game and rule over its shell shocked public rather than let go of the reigns and allow the natural laws of supply and demand allow the markets to flourish, wages to increase, the work force to grow as the fiscal landscape becomes healthy once again. The egos of the megalomaniacs who desire control over the masses as they lavish themselves with luxury is always the modus operandi of the leftists whose hypocrisy guarantees mediocrity for the masses and opulence for the privileged few; the ruling class who benefit from the iron fisted suppression of the individual!

Ignoring the solution

History clearly illustrates that lower taxes allows consumers more of their income to stimulate retail economy. The resulting demand created by that stimulus creates more jobs and more manufacturing orders. Allowing corporations to keep more of their profits allows them to have more funds to hires employees, higher profits for their investors encourages more economic stimulus. Taxes squandered by the federal government end up in a black hole used to fund more social engineering programs that encourage dependency not innovation or self-reliance. This is how the socialists must recruit their followers with handouts that have been obtained by confiscatory means. Taxes confiscated from the working class to pay off the wards of the state for their votes! This is why the Obama administration advocates unconditional amnesty.

True summation

A self-defeating formula promoted by lies and misrepresentation is emblematic of the Barack Obamas and Hillary Clintons of the world whose romantic obsessions with Saul Alinsky’s doctrine of radicalism which he attributes to the likes of the devil. In its scope of attaining a means to and end by using any possible level of deceit or manipulation is self-evident in the false narratives of the Democratic Party and this President who sees America as a negative force in the world and is doing his damnedest to see that this nation diminishes in influence as the citizens languish under the false pretense of lies and intentionally destructive policy!

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