Who is the Richest Person in Your State?

The Richest People by State (Media Credit: Movoto)

Need a loan? Movoto put together an interactive map that shows the richest people in each of the 50 states in America. In South Carolina (where PolitiSite offices are located) the richest person is a woman named Anita Zucker who comes in at a cool $2.6 Billion. Close 2nd is another woman named Darla Moore at $2.3 Billion.

America’s elite live vastly different lives than the rest of us. Those at the top have incomes that are orders of magnitude higher than the average person. Even when we compare their individual wealth with that of households in the states in which they live, there’s no comparison.

So how did they get to where they are? Are they all self-made entrepreneurs, or were they just lucky? Do they hoard all that wealth, or do they give back?

The Richest People by State (Media Credit: Movoto)
The Richest People by State (Media Credit: Movoto)

How They Got Rich

According to data from Forbes and Celebrity Net Worth, the wealthiest members of each state did not achieve their fortunes in the same way. They are:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Heirs/Heiresses
  • Widows

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I am wondering if any of them are interested in buying a popular political website. <giggle><snort><giggle>


Forbes 400:  The Richest People in America

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