Kansas Senate Poll: Orman (I) beating GOP Incumbent Pat Roberts

After the Democratic candidate dropped out earlier this month, a new Fox News poll of Kansas likely voters shows long-time Republican Sen. Pat Roberts is in trouble.That’s right.In Kansas, a state that isn’t just red, it’s deep red.

On another front, majorities of likely voters in four battleground states, including Kansas, are unhappy with President Obama’s job performance and don’t feel the country is better off since he took office. That’s according to the first round of Fox News statewide likely voter polls.They were conducted in Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana and North Carolina.

The polls, released Wednesday, show control of the U.S. Senate is still up for grabs. Each of the Senate races in these states is extremely tight. No Senate candidate leads outside the poll’s margin of sampling error. In addition, no Senate candidate receives the backing of 50 percent of their electorate.

Here’s how the numbers breakdown state-by-state:


The Kansas Senate race is complicated. Democrat Chad Taylor withdrew from the race Sept. 3, yet his name may still appear on the November ballot. When he’s included as a candidate, the poll finds he receives 11 percent, while incumbent Republican Pat Roberts garners 40 percent and independent Greg Orman comes in at 38 percent. Another two percent would vote for Libertarian Randall Batson.

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The Kansas State Supreme Court heard the case of whether Taylor’s name can be taken off the ballot Tuesday.The court’s decision is expected soon so ballots can be printed.

Among Democrats, 61 percent back independent Orman and 28 percent would still vote for Taylor. Seven in 10 Republicans support Roberts, while nearly one in five back Orman (18 percent). Over half of independents prefer Orman (56 percent), while 18 percent back Roberts and 11 percent Taylor.

Taking Democrat Taylor out of the race gives the independent the edge. If the race were between only Orman and Roberts, voters pick the independent over the three-term GOP incumbent by 48-42 percent.

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Poll Date Sample MoE Orman (I) Roberts (R) Taylor (D) Spread
RCP Average 9/4 – 9/16 38.7 36.7 9.0 Orman +2.0
FOX News* 9/14 – 9/16 604 LV 4.0 38 40 11 Roberts +2
PPP (D)* 9/11 – 9/14 1328 LV 2.7 41 34 6 Orman +7
SurveyUSA* 9/4 – 9/7 555 LV 4.2 37 36 10 Orman +1

All Kansas Senate – Roberts vs. Taylor vs. Orman Polling Data

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