Hillary Clinton For President Are You Kidding?

In the warped wasteland of public opinion and political party ideology there seems to be no lasting sense of right and wrong especially where the lives of Americans are concerned. The very proposition that Hillary Clinton could actually get elected as the presidential candidate to represent the Democratic party seems unthinkable, but once again the rule of the wasteland of public opinion. Morality means nothing, the lives of Americans overseas mean nothing, if one even considers that an acting Secretary of State actually signed the death warrant of our Ambassador and several federal diplomatic employees by ignoring repeated requests by Christopher Stevens for security back up. Even with a hole blown in the outer perimeter of the Benghazi compound and findings indicating that the facility was indefensible, Secretary of State, did not move to protect our people there!

How little American’s lives mean

Once the attack had started there is evidence that she had refused to deploy assets in Tripoli to be mobilized for a rescue in Benghazi. According to author Ken Timmerman who wrote “Dark Forces; The Truth About What Happened In Benghazi” it was Hillary who ordered an across the board stand down of US forces that could have rescued the embattled compound and its inhabitants. The Foreign Emergency Response Team
(FEST) a formidable unit of special forces warriors and medical personnel who train for such scenarios as extracting US officials under assault while abroad, were angry and amazed at being ordered to stand down rather than come to the aid of their besieged comrades in Benghazi!

Lies from top down

Thus, rather than making an operational decision to save the lives of Americans under attack in a hostile foreign land, a politically convenient decision was made to apparently allow an orchestrated attack to succeed in wiping out potential witnesses that could have been a liability to the Obama White House. According to Timmerman this terrorist attack was sanctioned by Iran with the secret support of the administration. You might recall that under the Obama White House no constraints or opposition has been positioned against Iran as they continue to enrich their uranium program with tons of yellow cake to process the quantities they have for, what many suspect, is a weaponizing program.

Anatomy of a cover-up

What was the damaging evidence that could have been testified to by the targeted witnesses on US diplomatic soil in Benghazi? With Ambassador Chris Stevens directing an arms dealing operation and supplying weapons to Syrian rebels by trafficking them across the Turkish border through secret negotiations, death was in the air. In the aftermath of death in destruction in Benghazi President Obama and Hillary engaged in delivering a false message on Arab TV purchased with 70 thousand dollars in US Taxpayers money. That message was an apology to the Middle East for the offensive content of some little known movie shot by an Egyptian film producer in California that made fun of the Muslim religion! This was the excuse that the President and Hillary Clinton used to quantify the reason for the supposed protest that got out of hand and caused the Benghazi attack!

The wrong priorities

In light of this fantastic initial denial that the Benghazi attack was a terrorist act and that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton participated in not only the ordered stand down of US rescue forces but went further to declare a deadly well coordinated assault was the result of a Christian comedy film tells us much about the character of this person. It tells us that American lives pale in comparison to her greater ambitions which are political, not allegiance to her ultimate responsibility-the American people. It seems the Obama administration has spawned a new era in the American government, an era where agenda outweighs the best interests of the electorate, the citizenry, the very reason that the US government exists!

When the unthinkable is acceptable

How could the Democratic Party possibly field a person with this type of character? How could American voters possibly want Hillary Clinton, a close colleague of Saul Alinsky, a radical leftist who championed deception as one of the important tools for the success of the liberal agenda. Clinton’s mentor, Alinsky applauded Satan as being the original revolutionary. Alinksy fashioned his strategy based upon the premise that lies are justified in order to achieve a means to an end. It is Hillary Clinton who embraced that very principle of conduct which justifies any perversion of truth as being a permissible methodology for achieving her radical agenda. Hillary Clinton, a feminist, a follower of socialism, and an ambitious politician, is a study in what the American should not want as a trusted leader of this nation! When this is all we have as a choice for the presidency than this demonstrates just how far America has declined on every conceivable level.

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