CIA Torture Report Brought To You By Diane Feinstein

The Obama White House has pulled many a grievous act over the last 6 years. Fast and Furious not only risked the lives of US citizens but border agents. Obama blamed it on the Bush Administration. The president announced exact dates for withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan tipping off the enemy when US presence would be gone inviting disaster. The president’s team released a Gitmo detainee who became the head of ISIS. The White House negotiated the release of Bergdahl, a suspected deserter, for 5 key terrorist leaders from Guantanamo. They have returned to fight against the America, Christians, and innocent people. Benghazi ended with the deaths of 4 Americans including Ambassador Stevens and 20 US consulates being attacked and destroyed overseas. In all this, perhaps Diane Feinstein’s release of a 6000 page document on enhanced CIA interrogation will end in similar disastrous proportions.

Old news repackaged

A report that spanned 5 1/2 years according to the California leftist Senator costing 40 million dollars that sheds no new light on anything that had not already been covered in 30 briefings given to the Congress and Senate before 2006 and resulted in no charges of law breaking. Yet, now like wounded animals more dangerous than before, Obama and the Democrats after being mauled on the November 4th primaries are striking back at the GOP, but in doing so are endangering Americans with a criminally negligent exposure of SOP (Standard operating procedure) of our most important intelligence service.


For the purely childish and vindictive motive of taking a cheap shot at former President George Bush and his administration, who acted in defense of national security, Diane Feinstein makes a political decision to threaten the lives of Americans, both military and civilian, all over the world. Why? Al Qaeda and ISIS will doubtlessly use this rehashed information, yesterday’s news now in a new compilation as material for their recruitment propaganda and to instill more hatred for America. Only an administration who loathes its own nation could possibly allow such dangerous nonsense to be publicly announced. It is obvious that this White House will stop at nothing to compromise America and the lives of its people when it comes to political opportunity!

Unending pattern of lunacy

It has been apparent from the very beginning that not only does the Obama White House not mind burning taxpayers dollars at an appalling rate, but that it values little the safety and lives of it citizens, military personnel, or allies as the fiascoes continue non-stop under Barack Hussein Obama. This president would rather visit with protest leaders from Ferguson than meet with the police. He would rather congratulate doctors and nurses who contracted the Ebola virus who violated protocol and did not comply with quarantine restrictions once home. This oval office community organizer would rather would rather interject inflammatory comments in the midst of social unrest than quell hatred with sentiments of wisdom. The President could easily have instructed Diane Feinstein to simply refrain from releasing such a damaging and misleading report that did not even bother to interview those who were there and personally saw to the implementation of interrogation techniques that yielded valuable intelligence!

Howbout the other side of the story?

In contradiction to Feinstein’s expose’ of supposed CIA misconduct, the truth is very different. The other side of the story was clearly not told. The whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden were eventually revealed. A plot to cause another 9-11 event, this time on the California coast using aircraft once again, undertaken by 17 Southeast Asian terrorists was intercepted and stopped! More such similar ambitions by murderous factions were deflected thanks to the efforts of men and women from the CIA. Yet, rather than being commended for their brave work they have been demonized by this administration!

The new rationale

As terrorist prisoners from Gitmo are transferred to places like Uruguay where they will ultimately escape, men who used IED’s to maim and kill American soldiers, subhuman murders who killed women and children in their villages, psychopaths who beheaded those who refused to accept Islamic religion, Feinstein lamented over water boarding and sleep deprivation! It seems the world has entered an alternate reality where what is right has now become wrong and what is evil and senseless is now the accepted behavior of choice. God help America.

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