Eric Holder: My Big Fat Ferguson Lies

So now every talking head in America wants to have an extended national conversation about unpaid traffic tickets?

hands-up-dont-shootAll because everything thing else about St. Michael of Ferguson was a lie?
Hands up, don’t shoot? Lie.
Gentle giant? Lie.
Minding his own business? Lie.
Shot in the back? Lie.
Did not attack the police officer? Lie.
‘Didn’t do nothing’ to the Asian shopkeeper? Lie.
Relatives did not try to start a riot? Lie.
Protests were “largely peaceful?” Lie.
National Guard would protect the business owners from looting…

This is a very long list of of the bodyguard of lies that reporters and activists (sorry for the redundancy) hoped would protect anyone from challenging the core truth of the racial grievance industry, which is the biggest lie of this generation: Black people are relentless victims of relentless white racism. All the time. Everywhere. That explains everything.

And it is not just Ferguson. Lying about race and racial violence is now the default position for American reporters.

We saw it a few weeks ago in Chicago, where Little League parents said the only reason their team was disqualified after it won the national championship was because they were African-American.

Or that black students are punished unfairly.

Or that white police pick on black people. So do black mayors and black juries and black prosecutors and black cities.

All for No Reason What So Ever.

But none of that appeared on any of the national television shows the morning after the attorney general had to concede what a grand jury and his own investigators already figured out long ago: The whole thing was a lie.

Read the Rest by Colin Flaherty at American Thinker

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