6 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Age 30

6 things Katie McGuire wish she knew before 29…

KatieAs a 30 *ahem* something mom of teenagers, the frustration of my parents becomes more and more obvious. I wish some times I could force these kids to listen to my ‘wisdom’ – but again, who really listens to their parents at these ages?

As I pull my hair out daily, I have hope that someday they may come to realize some of the knowledge I impart to you now:

6)Gray hairs are a thing.
You’ll get them. Clairol makes hair dye, and plucking is definitely cool. No, two will not grow back in its place. Embrace the change.

 5)Experience is what you get when you don’t get your way.

Oh, yes. When you have your heart set on an apartment that falls through, when you really want a new job and they hire *NOT YOU* – these lovely moments are what is known as an experience. You will have a lot of these. They will make you stronger. They will make you wiser. You will be a better person for it. They will not make you mac and cheese at midnight. That’s on you.

4)You will fall in love more than once.

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