Paid to Protest: When BlackLivesMatter only when someone CutTheCheck

A story by Thomas Lifson over at the American Thinker got me Thinking (see what I’ve done there!) why is it necessary to pay protestors to deal with an issue as important as #BlackLivesMatter? Seems an organization, Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE), was paying people to go to Ferguson, Missouri and protest the alleged gunning down of Micheal Brown. A hashtag on twitter #CuttheCheck began showing up after organizations who had pledged to pay protestors blew off payment to participants. In perfect liberal form, photos with signs #cutthecheck started filling the lefts timelines on Twtter.

A couple of things come to mind:

One, MORE is nothing more than a re-branded organization that we have been writing about for years, ACORN. Two, It appears that the same funding that funded ACORN is now flowing to these splinter or renamed groups with what appears to be a main objective is to cause racial discord and social unrest that includes riots and other forms of violence. And guess what? Your tax dollars or Union dues are paying for it all.

So just as the therapist asks his angry patient, So how do you feel?

Ferguson protesters demand paychecks for gig they were hired to perform

This would be hilarious if the consequences hadn’t been so disastrous.  The destructive riots in Ferguson, Missouri over the bogus narrative that Michael Brown was shot while his hands were raised were far from spontaneous.  Protesters were hired and promised paychecks, but those who have not received them yet are now publicly protesting.  Weasel Zippers (here and here) documents tweets (some of which have since been scrubbed) from the angry pay-for-play leftists.  Jessica Chasmar of the Washington Times summrizes:

 Hired protesters with the Black Lives Matter movement have started a #CutTheCheck hashtag and held a sit-in at the offices for the successor group to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) in Missouri after the group allegedly stopped paying them.

FrontPage Magazine reports that Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) has been paying protesters $5,000 a month to demonstrate in Ferguson. Last week, hired protesters who haven’t been paid held a sit-in at MORE’s offices and posted a demand letter online.

MORE is the re-branded Missouri branch of ACORN, which filed for bankruptcy in late 2010, FrontPage reported. MORE and other groups supporting the Black Lives Matter movement have received millions of dollars from billionaire financier George Soros.

The group Millennial Activists United posted a letter on their blog demanding MORE “cut the checks” to demonstrators.

It is very worthwhile reading the evidence gathered by Weasel Zippers.  Here are some noteworthy tweets.  I really enjoy the earnest look on this white woman’s face as she demands her pay:

Read more: American Thinker
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