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The film “Only God Can” tells the story of 5 longtime friends struggling through life’s challenges that become more difficult with each passing year. Tragedy strikes, threatening to break up the group – but actually acts as a catalyst to open their hearts and strengthen their friendship. They discover through faith that Only God Can empower them to overcome these obstacles and become the people that they truly desire to be.

onlygodcanThere are very few films made specifically for and about Christian women, and we see Only God Can as a beacon of light that will encourage them to continue exemplifying Christ’s love and commitment in their lives. Our hope is that this film provides viewers encouragement and an understanding about the role faith plays in overcoming life’s challenges.

This film was “a wonderful reminder of redemption, faithfulness and God’s love.” -RM, Seacoast Church Member

“I felt acknowledged as a Christian woman living in these times and living in a fallen world!” –Lisa, Seacoast Church Member

This film gives you “courage to speak about your faith – to be honest with yourself about who you really are. Bravo.” -Mackenzie, Seacoast Church Member

This film “will give believers more courage to be bold with non-believing friends.” – Julie, Seacoast Church Member

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  1. To my sweet friend Albert. What a pleasant surprise to read your writeup. This was sent to me from Lin Bennett the First Vice Chair for the South Carolina GOP and one of my closest friends. Thanks for thinking of me. It’s alway great to see a film I’m featured in getting so much positive attention. I wrote the film along with help from a co author. I’m also play the role of Daisy. She’s the church busybody. Blessings to you and thanks again.

  2. Good morning, Mr. Milliron. As co-writer of the screenplay for ONLY GOD CAN, I want to thank you for your kind words about the film. My hope is that it will be of help to Christian women and their families. Again, thank you for all you do.