1st GOP Presidential Debate for 2015

The Republican Presidential debates opened with a record 24 million TV audience and an air of anticipation not felt in a long time. The sheer agitation and restlessness of an American public who can no longer tolerate the lies of the White House weighed in heavily on Thursday night. In a way the very first question directed at Donald Trump set the tone for the debate. When Fox political commentator, Brett Baier, asked who of all candidates would not pledge to run on a third party ticket or refuse to endorse the GOP’s chosen candidate, Trump raised his hand saying he understood the question.

Throwing spears at Trump

Earlier that evening in a debate held in Cleveland for the candidate hopefuls who did not make the cut such as Rick Perry, Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum, and others, the GOP was already taking pot shots at Donald Trump. Fiorina began asking everyone if they had gotten a call from Bill Clinton? A deliberate poke at Trump who had donated to the Clinton’s so that he could get Hillary to attend his wedding. Rick Perry, former governor of Texas for 14 years, went after The Donald saying that Trump had used his celebrity status to manipulate the polls rather than true conservative political standards.

Partners in crime

it was clear from the beginning that not only the GOP but Fox News was going to go after Donald Trump. Amongst fears that Trump may go a third independent party, divide the GOP ticket, and allow Hillary Clinton a win, perhaps that there is a clandestine agreement to this effect already as the Democrats know that Clinton cannot win against a strong GOP challenger may have some merit. Trump indicated that he is a Republican and that he wants to run on the GOP ticket, yet with the GOP Washington establishment set against him along with Fox’s biased commentary labeling him as a symptom of the perverse political environment that now exists in reaction to the Obama administration, Trump will be fighting an uphill battle despite his big lead in the polls.

Fabricated prophecy

The Republicans continually accuse Trump of being able to sabotage a GOP presidency if he decides to go independent thus handing the oval office over to Hillary Clinton is a divisive narrative that may end up becoming a self fulfilling prophecy if the Washington establishment continues to ridicule Donald Trump even as he pulls the huge poll leads he has continued to carry. One may ask, expecting to get the negative answer here, what is more important, altering your precious fraternity in DC for the sake of the country, or simply making sure that you prevent an outsider from attaining success in your little mutual admiration society? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is a loaded one. We have already seen both parties-the Democrats and Republicans vote for bills that hurt Americans and further the decline of this country simply for the party’s interests, not the people.

A hatchet job?

Were Frank Luntz, Brett Baier, and Megyn Kelly doing a hatchet job on Donald Trump while being praised for their journalistic approach on their handling of the other candidates? One things is clear. Fox is a manifestation of the GOP establishment, not necessarily conservative, but more so than any other self respecting network aside from talk radio, which President Obama hates just as much. So where does it go from here? Some of Trump’s supporters wanted see him more presidential as they thought Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz appeared to be. Some wanted Trump to remain outrageous and outspoken. Despite the selected group interviewed by Frank Luntz asked for their opinion on Trump, many who claimed they were disenchanted with Donald after the debate, apparently this has not affected his poll numbers at all.

Worrying the establishment

In the hours after the debate it is said that Trump complained of the unprofessional hosting of the Fox commentators. He supposedly felt that he had been unjustifiably singled out as a target by Fox and the GOP.When you scare the hell out of the powers that be because you cannot be bought off and have been successful in the real world as opposed to the closed society in Washington DC where deals made behind closed doors line your pockets you are going to create enemies even when you have contributed to all of these politicians on both
sides of the aisle, and Trump has done just that.

The engineered outcome

Will the GOP narrative of Trump going independent and taking precious votes away from a Republican opponent of Hillary if she even gets that far really be a foreseeable reality, or is this a planned scheme for the establishment on Capitol Hill to continue business as usual while having scapegoat (Trump) to blame so that they can go about their political debauchery and ruin what’s left of America as we know it? Is it necessarily true that if Trump were to go independent that he still would carry the vote needed to beat another lame Democratic front runner? It would seem that the GOP leadership in going along with the Democratically engineered siege upon America has done nothing but make excuses for their incompetence while following the singular objective of who it is that is really running the show as they continue to destroy the United States with the two opposing parties not really opposing each other at all. In any case Trump represents to many a hope that one man can still stand up to the corruption and dare to do what is right

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  1. Why were the debates on CNN instead of local channels? It’s seems the low income families, that don’t have cable don’t mean much to the Republican or is that greed has got them by getting paid more by CNN.

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