Democrats Face-off ‘Fight Night’ #DemDebate Charleston, SC Coverage

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at Charleston, SC 2016 Presidential Debate

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at Charleston, SC 2016 Presidential Debate
The NBC News – YouTube Democratic Debate candidates taking pace in Charleston, South Carolina will be the last Democratic presidential debate before the first presidential primary and caucus votes are cast in Iowa and New Hampshire.  So the bottom line is all interested eyes are focused on the Charleston, SC Debate stage as the candidates face-off for the last time before actual voters weigh in on the election.

Who will win the Democratic Debate Tonight?

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Debate trending tweets – Hashtag is #DemDebate

NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt be principal moderator during the debate and is expected to launch some very difficult questions during what is. being coined as ‘Fight Night Live #DemDabate in Charleston, a town known for its southern charm seems about to change its tone.

So what will happen in tonight ‘Fight Night?’ Will Bernie have a big ‘Hill’ to climb or will Hillary get badly ‘Berned’… And O’ Yeah, there is that O’Malley guy.

Oh, and look who shows up on our press row during the debate, Triumph the Comic Insult Dog (Robert Smigel).  I thought Dog fighting is outlawed here in South Carolina?  Seems Triumph put his paws and cigar on every political operative he could while here.  Problem for us, he wouldn’t shut up long enough for this writer to put out our extended prolific piece…. so this is what you are left with!  Enjoy!

Watch the Full Debate Here

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