Relieved and Elated – Dinesh D’Souza on being pardoned by Trump

Dinesh D'Souza
Dinesh D'Souza speaking at the 2016 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) (Media Credit: Gage Skidmore)

In a White House Statement, President Donald J. Trump issued Dinesh D’Souza a Full Pardon.  An accomplished author, lecturer, and scholar.  D’Souza said he was ‘Relieved and Elated’ that the President took this measure and is thankful. D’Souza related that the President actually said that he “Got screwed” by selective prosecution, something we wouldn’t hear in a White House press release.  Or maybe with this president, maybe we would!

Trump: D’Souza Selectively Prosecuted

According to the White House, Mr. D’Souza was, in the President’s opinion, a victim of selective prosecution for violations of campaign finance laws. Mr. D’Souza accepted responsibility for his actions and completed community service by teaching English to citizens and immigrants seeking citizenship.  In light of those facts, the President determined that Mr. D’Souza was worthy of a full pardon.

I mean if one were to look at Lady Justice’s blind scales, how would Dinesh D’Souza’s crime weigh out against other scandals in politics?  For example, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had classified information on her computer servers that were wiped clean missing some thirty-thousand emails.  No one was ever brought to justice for the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal or even the Benghazi lies, not to mention Candidate Barack Obama accepting campaign donations from overseas credit cards ignoring the Verification system.

D’Souza FBI File Flagged as Enemy of the State

So why the selective prosecution from the Obama Justice Department?  Well it seems that Dinesh D’Souza’s FBI file was flagged as an enemy of the Obama state and he has the ability to twist a progressive Democrat’s arguments into a pretzel in a couple of sentences .

Dinesh D’Souza not typical Republican

Plus, Dinesh is not your typical stereotype of the party of “old white men” the Democrats love to harp on.  Dinesh D’Souza is an Indian immigrant who was born in Bombay in 1961.  He came to the United States as an exchange student and graduated from Dartmouth College and became a naturalized citizen in 1991.  So, D’Souza doesn’t meet the other stereotype the Left likes to espouse, that Republicans are under-educated and ignorant to constitutional issues, social economical and religious ideals of America.

2016: Obama’s America largest grossing Conservative Film in History

D’Souza was a major critic of Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America which included redistribution of wealth, a focus on identity politics and polarizing the American people.  Dinesh D’Souza’s film 2016: Obama’s America became the highest grossing conservative documentary of all time blowing away four of leftist Micheal Moore films.  So, one can see the reason Dinesh Souza became a huge threat to the usual Hollywood political documentaries and the powerful left’s machine, which happens to be controlled largely by rich white men.

D’Souza violated Campaign Finance Laws

While there is no argument that Dinesh D’Souza did violate campaign finance laws by being a ‘straw donor’ meaning he made illegal campaign donations on behalf of another individual in 2012 which is a felony, he took responsibility and plead guilty in Federal court on 2014 and was sentenced to eight months in a halfway house, received five years probation and paid thirty-thousand dollars ($30,000.00) in fines.  Because this act was a felony, he lost his voting rights.  By receiving a full pardon from President Trump, D’Souza’s voting rights have been restored.

Dinesh D’Souza’s first interview following his pardon was on Fox News

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