SCOTUS won’t hear Making a Murderer Brendan Dassey Appeal

Making a Murder Brendan Dassey
Making a Murder Brendan Dassey (Media Credit: Wisconsin Gazette)

The Supreme Court of the United States decided not to hear the now infamous alleged participant, Brendan Dassey, in the Murder of Teresa Halbach made famous by the Netflix series, ‘Making a Murderer’ Brendan Dassey confessed on videotape to participating in the 2005 rape and murder of Teresa Halbach and the mutilation of her corpse. The Wisconsin state courts upheld Dassey’s convictions for these crimes, finding that his confession was voluntary and could be used against him.

But according to many experts, Brendan Dasseys confession was coerced as seen in the video provided here.

Brendan Dasseys Confession Coerced

The High court in Wisconsin, however, stated that as long as investigators’ statements merely encourage honesty and do not promise leniency, telling a defendant that cooperating would be to his or her benefit is not coercive conduct. Nor is professing to know facts they actually did not have. (the use of deceptive tactic like exaggerating strength of evidence against suspect does not necessarily make confession involuntary but instead is factor to consider in totality of circumstances).

Although Dasseys attorney set-up a deceptive strategy for Brendan to confess using a third-party and used visual ques like pointing to the paper and

Brendan Dassey Drawing
Brendan Dassey coerced into Drawing crime scene (Image Credit: Netflix

guiding Dassey on how to draw the diagram of the room.  He even asked him to alter his timeline to match the murder.  The court went on to reject Dassey’s claims that his pre–trial and trial counsel provided ineffective assistance. The Wisconsin Supreme Court denied Dassey’s petition for review.

Brendan Dassey IQ Score

One of the main arguments about police cohesive techniques was that Brendan Dassey was 16 years old and had an IQ score of 70.  His verbal IQ was 69 which made him effectively 9 to10 years old.  Brendan could have been easily diagnosed with mental retardation, because his I.Q.  was below 70-75.  But they treated him as an adult and did not offer counsel or even a parent of this intellectually challenged young man.  The investigators used wear down techniques and provided food and drinks when Brendan gave answers they wanted.

Any reasonable person, who watches the video, would conclude that Brendan was cohered and was clearly mentally defective.  But that didn’t seem to matter to the police or the courts.

So in a last ditch attempt to get justice for Brendan Dassey, his attorneys (now working pro bono) file a petition for certiorari, meaning asking the High Court of the Land to reexamine the case and review the lower courts decision. Today, the United States Supreme Court rejected the case and as per usual gave no reason for doing so.

In a country where O.J. Simpson can literally get away with murder, Brendan Dassey appears to have received no justice.  Its a sad day in America.

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