LATEST … Progressive Victim Class/Oppressor Class Cudgel On Everyday Society

Many young men dream of working in oilfields because the money is excellent. Although being employed on an oil rig is difficult and involves lots of manual labor, this career has been around for centuries now. Image Credit: Rig Oilfield Services (2018)

LATEST … Progressive Victim Class/Oppressor Class Cudgel On Everyday Society

The Left-Wing isn’t happy unless, like sharks, they keep swimming on the push provided by another Victim Class/Oppressor Class talking point. Today’s entry into the lexicon that hopes to gain traction in social conversation is Petro-Masculinity.

As with other Victim Class/Oppressor Class progressive beat-down points of contention – Toxic-Masculinity | Gender Identity |  Non-Binary | Gay Marriage | Gender Neutral – the progressive agenda of eliminating a cultural identification and role assumption of weak vs strong and etc. never ends and remains as fertile ground for chaos development.

Fossil fuels create a warped sense of “masculine identity” and “authoritarianism” among men, asserts feminist professor, Virginia Tech University, Cara Daggett – who issued a study paper titled “Petro-masculinity: Fossil Fuels and Authoritarian Desire” that explain her thoughts on the matter at the intersection of environment and toxic masculinity.

Screen grab – Alicia Massie: #masculinity & work morality in Canadian oilsands. Building on Coles (2009) and Anderson (2008), analysis shows family as the foundation of petro-economy and gender enacted in collective petro-economy identity (e.g. oilfield dad, oil wife). Image Credit: Twitter via Ping H. Wang


“Petro-masculinity, like fossil fuel systems, arguably has global dimensions,” Daggett asserts. “However, like other masculinities, petro-masculinity should be understood as manifesting in multiple, and locally specific, ways. Petro-masculinity approaches masculinity as a socially constructed identity that emerges ‘within a gender order that defines masculinity in opposition to femininity, and in so doing, sustains a power relation between men and women as groups.”



Words, so many words without an actual meaning other than to confuse and contort into a cudgel of pretzel-logic upon which to breathe new life into a Progressive style meme – Petro-Masculinity, indeed.

All Democrat leadership and its public relations firm, the Left-Wing Media Complex, are 100% in the camp of Identity Politics and as the comment/observation suggests – have taken the pointing out and exploitation of victims to a new level of oppression as a tool!

Democrats have to decide, and declare if they are “all in” on this tool upon which society is beat up so that Democrats believe they are gaining some power – or work for another way by gaining power through providing good solutions.

We, at MAXINE, wonder – if any of these progressives were in an automobile accident, or had a heart attack, what, exactly, would be responding to their emergency – a gas-powered, petro-masculinity based Ambulance?



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