Parler Doubles Users in 24 Hours

Parler, a non-biased free speech social media site that focuses on protecting user’s rights experienced a mass user registration last night due to Saudi Nationals leaving Twitter after they grew weary of the suspensions and throttling ( known as shadow banning) of thousands of users.

Parler had as much as a thousand new registrations per minute after the #ParlerKSA hashtag went viral throughout twitter. Parler, which has achieved record new user accounts in the previous weeks began to have issues with their servers going down, had even more problems on Sunday due to mass user registrations from Saudi Nationals that doubled the amount of users on Parler in 24 hours.

While some conservatives on Parler thought that Muslims were intentionally trying to crash Parler servers, but upon investigation it was much less diabolical in nature as Saudis (like conservatives) finally got tired of the years of singling them out and decided to move to a platform that guarantees equal protection for all users no matter their political or religious beliefs. The problem for Parler was they were not expecting double the growth in such a short period of time.

Many in the mainstream media have called Parler a #MAGA or conservative haven, but as we can see by this new influx of users, Parler has become a haven for those seeking free speech of all political and religious persuasions and the Twitter exit #TWEXIT is not limited to Trump followers of conservatives.

Parler executives responded to the massive influx of Saudi nationals joining by posting, “Parler is the most prominent free speech social media in the world. Today we have seen growth as high as 1K new accounts per minute. The nationalist movement of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made it known that big tech is censoring them at rates we have never experienced in the United States. This surge of new users shows how many people of the world share our Free Speech values. Let us welcome them as we all fight for our rights together. #parlerKSA”

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