South Carolina Democratic Debate: Sweet Tea or Cage Match? #DemDebate

CBS Debate
South Carolina Debate Stage (Photo: Courtesy CBS News)

The CBS 10th Democratic Debate for the nomination for president comes to Charleston, South Carolina which is usually the home of Sweet Tea and curtsy’s but tonight the candidates have tipped that it might just turn into a cage fight as candidates are fighting for their political careers.

With the South Carolina primary just days away on Saturday, February 29th, several of the candidates are preparing for an all or nothing beat down as they try to make their mark in one of the early primaries going in to Super Tuesday just three days after the First in the South Primary.

The biggest fight tonight is for the black vote.  With Barack Obama’s legacy behind him, Joe Biden, who served as his Vice-President for eight years, says he is the most qualified candidate to meet the needs of the African-American community.  Recent polling says, at least in the eyes of black voters ,that he is doing well in that area.

The Marist NBC poll has Joe Biden receiving 35 percent of Black voters who were asked who their first choice for President is. The second candidate who appeals to Black voters is Bernie Sanders at 20 percent. Tom Steyer who has advertised heavily in South Carolina, including half a million dollars in black focused radio and television markets.

Live Blogging from the 10th Democratic Debate from Charleston, South Carolina

The debate began at 8:00 pm:

The first question has gone to Bernie Sanders about the economy, stating that the unemployment rate is good all over America including one of the lowest unemployment rates in South Carolina.  He stated that the economy is great from people like Mike Bloomberg

Bloomberg Blooper: I bought That!

“This is a moment to choose hope over fear.” – Elizabeth Warren

We have our answer: CAGE MATCH


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