Don’t get Duped by Paying $150 for Covid-19 Testing when it is Free through Walgreens

Did you know that some Medcare and Urgent Care facilities are charging $150.00 for a 3 day Coronavirus screening? When the patient asked, “Isn’t there anywhere to get this screening free?” the receptionist stated, “not that I know of” as she swiped the woman’s debit card.

Well, after I received my services for a back injury, I went by my local Walgreens and mentioned it to my Pharmacist who immediately told me that Walgreens has a free service to provide Covid-19 screening. The Pharmacist,will call “Abby” handed me a paper that I will post here

I was appalled that Med-cares, Prompt cares and Urgent-cares are charging $150.00 for a 3 day coronavirus screening when there is programs available that pays the full price of the screening (especially to the uninsured)

According to Walgreens

Walgreens is offering no-cost, contactless COVID-19 testing at select locations in partnership with the PWNHealth provider network.*
Testing is at no cost to eligible individuals who meet criteria established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state and federal guidelines. At the testing locations, Walgreens pharmacy team oversees patients’ self-administration of the COVID-19 test.
Take a quick screening survey to see if you’re eligible for testing.

How it works

  1. Complete a quick screening.
  2. If you’re eligible, you’ll choose a location and time for your COVID-19 testing appointment.
  3. At the testing location, remain in your vehicle with the window rolled up.
  4. A Walgreens pharmacy team member will help you perform the test yourself using a nasal swab.
  5. Your test results and contact information will be sent to PWNHealth.
  6. Get results from PWNHealth.† – – Click Here

In Columbia, SC,  for example, There is a location off of Killian Road that is providing free screening. Within just a few miles of this location there are several ‘clinics’ offering the same service for $150.00 or more.


(DISCLAIMER) Politisite or its employees is not affiliated with any healthcare company particularly Walgreens, and our only relationship with Walgreens is our Pharmacist ‘Abby” has been serving our family for the last 5 years. In addition, we did not require a covid-19 screening, but related to her what we observed to an uninsured family at a local Urgent Care facility.  Additionally, none of the names we mentioned were the actual company names of the facilities

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