CPAC 2021 Orlando: Watch Trump Speech Live Stream

ORLANDO, Saturday, February 27, 2021 — The 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference offered as its theme “America Uncanceled.” For the first two days, that narrative seemed to be accurate. With President Donald Trump expecting to light up the road on Sunday, Saturday was relatively quiet. Unfortunately, the narrative of Saturday was anything but “uncanceled.” Even a charitable observation of the day would consider CPAC to be “somewhat uncanceled.”

The American Conservative Union did everything in its power to make the CPAC experience pleasant.

They made an excellent decision to move it out of pro-lockdown Maryland and D.C. and into anti-lockdown Florida. Florida is a free state, but unfortunately, Orlando is anything but free. Orange County, Florida is run by Democrats, and Democrats love lockdowns, mandates, and cancel culture.

The Hyatt Regency is facing criticism from both sides of the political spectrum. The left is angry that the Hyatt hosted CPAC at all. Yet conservatives bristled at the mask mandate that was enforced subjectively, arbitrarily, and in some cases, randomly. The state of Florida does not have a statewide mask mandate.


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