About Us

Politisite delivers the latest Breaking Political News, Debate Coverage, Election Results, Commentary and Analysis. We provide in-depth news with special reports and interactive political coverage.

politisitesquarePolitisite was a pioneer in internet political news gathering and dissemination.  Politisite came live in  early 1998 and become one of the first internet only news source to cover local, state, and national political campaigns, debates,  and elections.  Before there were the terms Blog, Blogger, New Media, or Crowd-sourcing,  Politisite was developing what has become the standard in political news coverage long before most political sites were even conceived. The Name ‘Politisite” simply means Political Website.

Politisite is not allied with any Individual, political party or special interest group, thus we maintain editorial control within a small organization that provides quick and concise reporting of the news of the day.

We can and will give voice to minor candidates, special interest groups, and opposition groups where it may not be expedient for the major new services to disseminate their views due to concern for ratings and or relationships with candidates.

We trust and respect our readers, and provide intelligent, original and insightful news content on matters often times of profound importance to all people. We strive above all to report fairly, accurately and objectively, in order to provide a medium of reasoned discourse to our readers.

We seek to provide easy access to the important news of the day, for any and all who wish to subscribe to our news service. Such subscription is free, within the terms of fair use.

Politisite seeks to recruit independent Journalists to widen our objective news service. To this end, Politisite will perpetually seek new partners in syndication who are agreeable to our mission and focus.

Note: Obviously, Politisite was predated by Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report (1996) who broke the Monica Lewinsky scandal changing forever the way political news was distributed and consumed by the public. We owe a debt of Gratitude to trailblazers like Matt Drudge who have from time to time linked to us.

Our Current Writer Portfolio:

  1. Albert N. Milliron – Founding Editor
  2. Karl Gotthardt – Managing Editor
  3. Edmund Jenks – West Coast Editor
  4. Jenn Williams – Entertainment and Politics Editor
  5. Joyce Singha – Culture & Style Editor
  6. Politisite Pollster – Polls and Political Projections

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