Bill Clinton Attacks Reporters Across South Carolina – Quit Yelling at Cnn's Jessica Yellin!

Bill Clinton seems to unload on the press when his Wife is down by double digits.  Such is the Case in South Carolina

Politisite says, “Quit Yelling at Jessica Yellin

January 23, 2008

Bill Clinton got visibly upset with CNN’s Jessica Yellin Wednesday.

(CNN) – Bill Clinton became visibly upset Wednesday over comments by a prominent South Carolina Democrat that compared the former president’s actions on the trail to those of infamous Republican strategist Lee Atwater.

In an interview with CNN’s Jessica Yellin, Dick Harpootlian, a former chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party and a supporter of Barack Obama, said some of Bill Clinton’s recent remarks on the campaign trail were appeals based on race and gender. He said the comments were meant to “suppresses the vote, demoralize voters, and distort the record,” and said they were “reminiscent of Lee Atwater.”

Clinton sharply disputed the charge, and lashed out at Yellin for raising the question.

“You live for this. This hurts the people of South Carolina,” he said. “Because the people of South Carolina come to these meetings and ask questions about what they care about. And what they care about is not what’s going to be in the news coverage tonight, because you don’t care about it.

“What you care about is this. And the Obama people know that. So they just spin you up on this and you happily go along. I mean, the people don’t care about this,” he added. “They never ask about it. And you are determined to take this election away from them. And that’s not right. That is not right. This election ought to belong to those people who are out here asking questions about their lives.”



(CNN) — Sen. Hillary Clinton is focusing her attention on states with contests next month on “Super Tuesday,” leaving the campaigning for this week’s South Carolina primary to her husband.

Ex-President Bill Clinton is campaigning for his wife in South Carolina while she focuses her attention elsewhere.

Days before the South’s first Democratic contest on Saturday, the senator from New York is zigzagging across the country, while former President Clinton makes the rounds in South Carolina and doubles up the attacks on Sen. Barack Obama.

Obama sees his rival’s absence as a good thing, according to Christian Broadcasting Network correspondent David Brody, who interviewed the senator from Illinois on Tuesday.

“He believes that it is a sign, in essence, the fact that she’s leaving the state — that that bodes well for him,” Brody said.

“He was talking about the fact that she had said that … he’s not running against Bill Clinton. But then, at the same time, Bill Clinton is here in South Carolina by proxy, running against Barack Obama down here in South Carolina.”

The 42nd president has been immersed in the intense, back-and-forth exchanges between his wife and Obama, who said this week in a debate in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, that he sometimes can’t tell which one he’s running against in the race.

The former president has attacked Obama in recent days, accusing him of overstating his opposition to the Iraq war, complaining about Obama’s union supporters in the Nevada caucuses last weekend and blasting his remarks on former President Reagan in a newspaper interview. Video Watch the battle brewing between the Clintons and Obama

Quit Yelling at CNNs Jessica Yellin! Bill Clinton Attacks Reporters Across South Carolina

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  1. I found your post by tag surfing on WordPress!
    That’s a funny article. I guess people who say CNN is “all pro liberal” might change their tune reading that Clinton got mad at them. LOL.

  2. I voted for Pres. Clinton – twice but at this point I’m totally disgusted with him and Senator Clinton. Bill needs to butt out totally. He is really not helping us elect a democrat this coming fall – he is ruining our chances. BILL – stop this bs. I was trying to see a reason to vote for Hilary – but I can’t get past Bill. If Hilary can’t stand on her own two foot without hubby backing her up – then she should not and cannot be an effective president. What he should be doing is finding ways to unite voters behind the democrats, let Hilary do the campaigning and find a way to enhance her campaign. Getting into these little catfights with the press or accusing Obama of ridiculous things by misconstruing all his words is not helping the cause of getting and keeping the Republicans out of office. Pres. Clinton – what are you doing? YOU ARE BLOWING IT FOR US. STOP YOUR ATTACKS ON OBAMA AND START SPEAKING UP FOR UNITY BEFORE YOU MAKE IT WORSE. YOU ARE NOT HELPING ANYTHING.
    I wanted a reason to believe that Hilary would be a good president – but I can’t with the way her campaign is going. I’m voting for Obama. I made up my mind. Pres. Clinton – BUTT OUT.

  3. You know I remember Bush the Senior campaigning for his son a little bit, but he did not go to ever campaign stop and berate his opponents in a Republican Primary. Hillary claims to be a feminist but what type of Feminist can not stand on their own and hides behind their husband to “beat down” the opponent while she plays nice? The truth is Hillary is no feminist, she is Cleopatra, she is Bhutto, she is Indira Ghandi all of these women got power based on who they slept with or who their father was. Hillary’s “experience” is due to nepotism. She is not even ¼ the woman as the women in the Congress, like Nany Pelosi who had to make their bones to get where they were. Without Bill, Hillary would not even be where she is and she does not deserve to be there now. Obama has not road anyone’s coattails. That is the mark of a fighter and a leader who will bring real change. Obama 2008

  4. Check this out:
    “Hey, you did a marvelous job, it was just marvelous what you did,” Clinton told Rove, according to the book “The Way to Win: Taking the White House in 2008,” by John F. Harris and Mark Halperin. “I want to get you down to the [William J. Clinton Presidential] library. I want to talk politics with you. You just did an incredible job, and I’d like to really get together with you and I think we could have a great conversation.”

  5. If CNN reported the news instead of trying to make news there wouldn’t be a problem.
    But they are “Obsessed” with race, and trying to undermine the intellegence of the amercan people.
    The reporter Jessica Yellin wants to take it personally then she is not a very good reporter.

  6. (“You live for this. This hurts the people of South Carolina,” he said. “Because the people of South Carolina come to these meetings and ask questions about what they care about. And what they care about is not what’s going to be in the news coverage tonight, because you don’t care about it.)
    I agree!
    If you want to believe that it is about race than take a look at this. The way I see it who is the one trying to use the race card. This paragraph is from the Bill Moyers progam on PBS after the NH primary
    One Obama supporter put it this way in a widely circulated essay on the web: “The exit polls in New Hampshire were accurate for the Republicans and for the second tier Democrats. The only miscalculation was the amount of support for Obama. That miscalculation is about race. Iowa caucus goers stood by Barack, in part, because when voting with their bodies, in front of their neighbors, Iowans are held accountable. In the quiet, solitary space of the voting booth, some New Hampshire voters abandoned Barack.”

  7. Thank you for all of your thoughtful comments. Obama will win South Carolina on Saturday. People are tired of Clinton inc. the Machine that is ready with an attack at the drop of a hat. Obama is hope for the Dems. I hope he wins by the 12 Points the pollsters are calling for.

  8. The media is trying too hard on this. I think they need to show the American people what the “lashing out” are. I am definitely ashamed of CNN/FOX/MSNBC for trying to generate news and animosity between the candidates to boost their own ratings.

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