Did Reporters Write Tea Party Racial Slur story in Advance?

Congressman walking through the Tea Party on Washington was staged to look like a Selma event to provoke Protesters.  One of our sources say that Congressman John Lewis and Speaker Pelosi NEVER use this route to the Capital.  “In fact”, the source said, “They use the tunnels.”

Media Credit: The Hill

With all of the mainstream media talking about provocative language or symbols used by the tea parties, what about an analysis of why the Racial Slur reports got to the newspapers with no collaborative evidence?  It is this reporters contention that the event was staged and releases made to the media in advance.
This from American Thinker:

To make the racial smear of the Tea Party protestors at the Capitol clear to anyone with eyes to see, I have assembled this four-minute video.
In composing it, I checked with my source on the scene, Greg Farrell, to get a timeline on the passage of the Black Caucus members from the Cannon Building to the Capitol and back.  According to Farrell, they left the Cannon Building about 2:30 PM on March 20th and returned about 3:15 PM.  He had no reason to exaggerate.

I asked because at 4:51 that same day, McClatchy reporter William Douglas posted an article on the McClatchy website with the inflammatory headline, “Tea party protesters scream ‘nigger’ at black congressman.”
In other words, Douglas, with an attributed assist from James Rosen, managed to interview representatives John Lewis, Emanuel Cleaver, and Barney Frank, compose an 800-word article, and have it edited and formatted for posting within a 90-minute window.
During that same 90 minutes, Douglas would have received and incorporated a press release from Emanuel Cleaver, making the easily disproved claim that he had “been spat upon and that Capitol Police had arrested his assailant.”

Read the full story at  American Thinker Blog: How Quickly Spread the Tea Party Smear.

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