Kagan’s Stance: Gay or a Great softball player?

What the photo shows tells me is  Kagan has a great open stance that shows she knows how to play Softball.  I didn’t know all female softball players were gay… heck did I waste my time gawking at the softball players during college?  All this time I thought I wasn’t appealing.
I don’t care if Kagan is Gay, straight, black, white, from new york, or a Jew…. What I do care about is how she would rule as a Judge.  That information is what is lacking.   One thing is for sure, she will be hoping for ‘soft-ball’ questions during her confirmation process.
Greg Gutfelds Daily Gut had this to say:

So some gay groups are upset over a photo the Wall Street Journal ran of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan:
It was also a picture we ran on Monday. It’s of her playing softball. The beef? That the shot is meant to provoke questions about her sexuality.
Gay and lesbian advocates, like Cathy Renna, believe it “clearly is an allusion to her being gay,” even though the paper never mentioned her orientation.
And that’s my point: The only time Kagan gets outed, is by gays. The bottom line: most of America doesn’t care who Kagan likes to cuddle with. In fact, most of America doesn’t even care about the Supreme Court period. The fact is, this so-called “whispering campaign” over Kagan’s sexuality wasn’t started by an average Joe or even an angry right wing preacher. It was launched by busy-body bloggers, mostly on the left, who have too much time on their hands and too much identity politics in their heads. My favorite line, for example, comes from a major liberal blog. In it, the writer says that Kagan’s friends say she is not gay. But adds: “And yet, the rumor persists.”
Yeah – the rumor persists, because you keep writing “the rumor persists,” you stupid jackass.
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Heck even Bill O’Reilly thinks the conversation is nuts

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  1. If this weren’t about the Supreme Court, this teapot tempest would be downright hilarious.
    However, all this left-driven ruckus does make for some interesting amusements–such as tweeting something snarky about Kagan being gay just to watch the feminazi brigade come unhinged.

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