Racist or Junk Peddlers? Newspaper depicts Obama Before and After Photo as Sanford and Son

The newspaper should have just left the Obama ‘before and after photo blank’  but had to use some depiction I guess.  While many are calling the article ‘racist’  I wonder if the motivation was quite different.
My first thought wasn’t the color of the skin of the parties… It was that both Obama and Sanford and Son were in the Junk  Business.
Remember, one mans junk is another mans treasure.  Looking at it from that perspective, the Democrats treasure is surely junk for Republicans and should be replaced or thrown out…. Health Care Reform comes to mind.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any hotter on delicate racial matters in New York these days… Here comes the Smithtown Messenger.
The Long Island paper printed the below montage of pictures of Presidents and First Ladies over time… except the last “before and after” image shows the Obamas morphing from the young couple they are today into… something out of Sanford and Son?
Newsday reports:
Photos making fun of the first couple in a Republican weekly newspaper – dubbed “racist” and “despicable” by critics – have spurred Democrats to call for the Smithtown Messenger to be stripped of county legal ads.
But Phillip Sciarello, publisher and part owner, called the criticism “completely wrong,” claiming photos were meant as “political satire.” He added he is printing a retraction if he offended anyone and maintained Democrats are “jumping on it for political gain.”
The photos were condemned by Suffolk Democratic chairman Richard Schaffer as “clearly racist.” Schaffer told Newsday the paper should be dropped as an official county paper.
But John Jay LaValle, his GOP counterpart, called the situation “Democratic race baiting,” and told Newsday, “While I do not share such taste in humor since when is freedom of the press and freedom of speech a selective endeavor… Where were Rich Schaffer and the Democrat Party when former President George W. Bush was depicted as a chimpanzee?”
Judge for yourself:

via LI Newspaper Thinks Obamas = Sanfords???.

The paper might not have been original.  A YouTube Video from March 2010 made the same comparison and used Health Care reform as the basis for the comparison.  So the whole racist allegation for the paper might just be the race card of the day from the mainstream media and politicos. Here is the Video

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