42: Thank God for Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey

“42” Shows Us The Greatness That Is Jackie Robinson & Branch Rickey

October 1, 2013 Jennifer Williams 0

Starting today, probably the biggest baseball story of the last century is being re-told in your local movie theater… via a little baseball film simply called 42.  What does a baseball movie have to do with Politisite, you might say?  A lot actually.  Jackie Robinson, the amazing wall-breaker of Major League Baseball is a man who many don’t know much about except for what he did at the ripe age […]

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Obama not resting until Oil Spill contained, takes in a Ball Game to see White Sox take on Washington Nats pitching star

June 18, 2010 Politisite 0

Surprised the Mainstream Media makes no value judgments on President Obama attending a Baseball game with his Chicago White Sox Playing the Washington Nationals Pitcher Strasburg.  President Bush was out right ridiculed for Playing Golf during his presidency. Bush stopped playing due to the criticism… But since the Biased media hasn’t lashed out at the current President, Obama seems justified to Watch a Baseball game after vowing to not rest […]