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Bill Clinton bans Twitter, Facebook and live-blog coverage for upcoming speech

November 17, 2010 Politisite 0

Bill Clinton has called for a ban on the use of Twitter, Facebook updates and any live blogging during his keynote at the Dreamforce Cloud Computing conference in San Francisco next month. Maybe Al Gore, who is a member of Apple’s board of directors and possibly more tech-friendly, could get the 42nd president of the United States to embrace a bit of social media and blog coverage of his speech? […]

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Bill Clinton Used to Get Sestak to Drop Out of Primary

May 28, 2010 Politisite 0

Here is the thing, If there was no issue with the Sestak job offer, why did they wait until the memorial day weekend to announce that Bill Clinton was involved.   If everything was Kosher than why the delay in announcing it?   Bottom line here is that this is just another non transparency offer from Rahm Emanuel to get a Senate contender out of a race.  If there was not […]

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Wall Street the problem? Obama took $1M from Goldman Sachs

April 21, 2010 Politisite 0

Oh those OpenSecrets. Barack Obama took nearly 1 Million Dollars from Goldman Sachs. Guess anyone who gives that kind of money gets a bail out. The post Partisan non special interest president has found himself in quite a pickle as he tries to make Wall Street the problem for all of America’s ills… oh Besides Former President George W. Bush. To be fair, Bush took Just about 400,000 dollars while President.

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Photo Shows Horrified GOP MSM can't cover Official After Savage Beating but play Clinton militia conjecture

April 19, 2010 Politisite 0

While the Left stream media continues to talk about potential inciting of violence from the right-wing rhetoric, it completely ignores real violence against conservatives. A MSM media who forgets g20 riots and re-create 68 destruction have to demonize teaparty groups from what we have seen have NEVER caused violence toward anyone.
Timothy McVeigh retaliated against a President Clinton’s dealings with Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidian where people really did get MURDERED at the hands of the US Government.
Clinton has the nerve to suggest that McVeigh was part of some large right-wing militia group when the FBI still negates the Arab connection in the case.
But when REAL violence takes place the MSM ignores it. Why? Not part of their conspiracy theories or not fitting into the box that left-wing nuts are peace loving.
Why does it take a small blog to point out the news? We don’t have the budget the MSM seems to be using on photo ops at tea party conventions where they can’t even differentiate between a real teaparty activist and someone from Lyndon Louche.

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Ruby Ridge and Waco Clinton Warns Tea Party Anger Could Incite Right-Wing Extremism

April 16, 2010 Politisite 0

Another out of touch politician working on the basic Democrat talking points coming from the DNC. How about a few examples.
From my recollection of the Clintion years, Domestic policy is what incited Timothy McVeigh types. One hopes that the people forget that the OK city Bombing was retaliatory for the provoking attack on Waco and Ruby Ridge. These two events caused more Militia activity than did any tea party group. When you take Militray Tanks to private property and kill children.. you might worry the Militia types that the constitution is being shreded.

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President Clinton in good spirits and resting after heart procedure

February 12, 2010 Politisite 0

Former President Bill Clinton was recovering Thursday after being rushed to a Manhattan hospital with chest pains and undergoing a procedure to insert two stents into a coronary artery, a spokesman said. Clinton, who had quadruple-bypass heart surgery in 2004, returned to Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital on Thursday after he complained of chest discomfort just before 1 p.m. After visiting his cardiologist, the 63-year-old ex-president underwent the procedure. “President Clinton is in […]