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No Profiling Muslims: Teen Tries to Blow-up Crowd at Christmas Tree Lighting

November 27, 2010 Politisite 0

Federal agents in a sting operation arrested a Somali-born teenager just as he tried blowing up a van he believed was loaded with explosives at a crowded Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, authorities said. The bomb was an elaborate fake supplied by the agents and the public was never in danger, authorities said. Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, was arrested at 5:40 p.m. Friday just after he dialed a cell […]

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Gun wielding, bomb toting, Al Gore awakened, eco-terrorist killed by police

September 2, 2010 Politisite 0

Wednesday, a gun wielding, bomb toting, eco-terrorist-who claimed to have been “awakened” by Al Gore’s Oscar winning film, An Inconvenient Truth-was shot and killed by police after holding several people hostage inside the Discovery Channel headquarters in Maryland. Sadly, it’s not the first incident of someone going berserk after taking in Gore’s work. This time it was Jason Jay Lee.  In a manifesto posted online, Lee stated,  “Focus must be […]

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The Press doesn't know why an Oil Execs wife was bombed

July 10, 2010 Politisite 0

Those environmentalists are peaceful demonstrators and the Tea Party activists are angry racist mobs. That is what we hear each day on our local and national news. I thought bombs contributed to global warming? No Worries the injured was the wife of an oil executive. Didn’t you know that Families of targets are fair game?

Tavis Smiley:

NPR Tavis Smiley: More Christians Than Muslims Blow Up People Every Single Day

June 1, 2010 Politisite 0

PBS/NPR talk show host Tavis Smiley said that more Christians than Muslims kill people in this country everyday. He pointed to the Columbine High School massacre as an example. My problem with that is the Columbine killers asked Christians to stand up and then shot them dead. I am sure Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold where not Christians. Christians don’t believe they are going to Heaven by killing innocent people.

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Pakistani Taliban claim failed Times Square bomb

May 2, 2010 Politisite 0

Last time I checked the Taliban were proficient in Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).  Why would they take responsibility for a failed attack?  Based on early reports the device if it were to have exploded could have caused a great deal of damage, but experts say that the device was poorly constructed.  Good for us the Terrorists Suck at it. Department of Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano said that this was, […]