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POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 16, 2010 Politisite 0

CNN: Lame duck Congress convenes The so-called “lame duck” session of the Democratic Congress convened Monday, with members preparing to make decisions on a host of contentious issues that could have major political ramifications for both President Barack Obama and the incoming Republican House majority. Newly elected House members, meanwhile, were given a daylong orientation on the rules and procedures governing life on Capitol Hill. They are set to take […]

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Todays Top Articles – Politisite

March 31, 2010 Politisite 0

Mark Levin On Obama oil offshore drilling deception Mark explains why Obama’s announcement of opening up new areas for drilling is really a facade, a way to get cap-n-trade votes. He explains that this simply puts the ball in the dept. of interior’s court, and the guy who runs that wants nothing to do with drilling. via Mark Levin explains the Obama oil deception- The Right … Read entire article […]