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Wisconsin’s Reince Priebus is the New RNC Chairman

January 14, 2011 politisite 0

Update:  Wisconsin’s Reince Priebus is the New RNC Chairman Update: Ann Wagner has dropped out of the RNC chairman’s race leaving three candidates Update: 6th round: Priebus 80 (+13), Anuzis 37 (+5), Cino 34 (-6), Wagner 17 (-11) Note: 85 votes are needed to win Prior to the fifth vote, Michael Steele conceded his bid to be re-elected as RNC Chairman.  In a brief statement he said, “It’s very clear […]

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‘Obama’s Failure to Televise the Health Care Debate on C-SPAN and the Town Hall Mayhem It Caused

August 10, 2009 politisite 0

Obama Promised that the health Care debate would be on broadcast on C-Span for all to see.  He further related that all views would be entertained.  So why the Town Hall issues?  Obama Lied to the American people and now the Folks are, as the saying goes, “Mad as hell, and they are not going to take it Anymore” Here is the Smoking Gun Video that tells Americans, You Can […]