2011 CPAC Presidential Straw Poll Results

February 12, 2011 Politisite 5

Texas Congressman Ron Paul won the CPAC presidential straw poll this afternoon gaining 30% of the vote, with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney coming in second with 23%. Other candidates in the straw poll lagged far behind – former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin got only 3% of the vote. The results for the other candidates: Former NM Gov. Gary Johnson: 6% NJ Gov. Chris Christie: 6% Former Speaker Newt Gingrich: […]

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Chris Christie to the Greedy Educators : ‘Let Me Help You Pack’

November 14, 2010 Politisite 0

We could say the Same to the House Democrats as well.  Hey, Let me help you pack.  Obama’s sum total of job creation seems to be the Republican Party. Gov. Christie zeroes in on all the zeroes in educational executive salaries. It’s a target-rich environment. Today’s moment of conservative zen comes from New Jersey, where Gov. Chris Christie is taking on the greedy public sector fat cats head on. About […]

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NJ Gov. Christie to speak to House Republicans

September 28, 2010 Politisite 0

New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie is scheduled to speak to House Republicans Wednesday at their morning conference meeting at the Capitol Hill Club, according to two GOP sources. Christie has been campaigning for House and Senate GOP candidates across the country and has become a popular figure among conservatives since he upset New Jersey’s Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine in the reliably blue-leaning state in 2009. Wednesday’s conference meeting is […]

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Is Obama Vindictive? Ask New Jersey

August 26, 2010 Politisite 0

I’m not usually the conspiratorial type, but watch Gov. Chris Christie explain how the Obama administration disqualified the state of New Jersey from hundreds of millions in education funds because some clerk in Trenton turned in the wrong excel spreadsheet: Democrats in Washington have already shown a willingness to withhold federal education dollars from states that don’t follow their preferred tactic for navigating the recession: giving teachers raises like it’s […]