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Ted Koppel: Olbermann, O'Reilly and the death of real news

November 14, 2010 Politisite 0

To witness Keith Olbermann – the most opinionated among MSNBC’s left-leaning, Fox-baiting, money-generating hosts – suspended even briefly last week for making financial contributions to Democratic political candidates seemed like a whimsical, arcane holdover from a long-gone era of television journalism, when the networks considered the collection and dissemination of substantive and unbiased news to be a public trust.

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Teaparty 79% White, America 75% White: A country full of Racists?

April 6, 2010 Politisite 0

Todays Daily Gut is worth a read: So a new Gallup poll profiled Tea Party supporters, and found that they were all racists. I mean, by the MSNBC definition – they would be racist. After all, 79 percent of those polled were white. That’s a lot of white people, and Chris Matthews must reckon, a lot of hoods. But is it a lot when you compare it to the general […]

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Cynthia Tucker: 45-65% Of Townhall Protesters Are Racists

August 8, 2009 Politisite 0

Are you opposed to ObamaCare?  Willing to attend a town hall to express your disapproval?  Odds are good you’re a racist.  Just ask Cynthia Tucker . . . As Clay Waters has noted, Paul Krugman alleges that racist motives are at the heart of the town hall protests against ObamaCare.  On this evening’s Hardball, Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was willing to get specific, estimating that “45 to 65%” […]