The Bi-POLAR EXPRESSion on Christmas

December 20, 2015 Brice Milliron 2

It’s that time again and the holidays are here, But I’m filled with a rage instead of, the expected holiday cheer, Some people adapt well and can go with the flow, As for me…I want to tell people EXACTLY where […]

The Christmas Blues

December 25, 2014 Albert N. Milliron 0

Christmas Blues Song So it’s Christmas Baby how are you? Forgive me but I’m feeling blue This should be a good time with hope and cheer Why don’t I feel this way if you’re not near? There’s eggnog and mistletoe […]

Sing It! The NSA is Coming to Town

December 14, 2013 Albert N. Milliron 0

The Lyrics: You better watch out, You better not Skype, You better log out, Yeah you better not type, The NSA is coming to town. You’re making a list, They’re checking it twice; They’re watching almost every electronic device, The […]