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State of the Union 2011 'Date Night'

January 24, 2011 politisite 0

The State of the Union has turned into a Prom.  Since the State of the Union is “very weak” there has to be another focus.  This new spirit of civility that is being paraded as the needed “change” we “hoped” for is total nonsense and cloaked in symbolism. This from ABC News: “Who are you going with?” has become the hottest question asked of lawmakers on Capitol Hill, one day […]

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Pelosi, Reid, and Schumer received more lobbyist cash then Boehner

September 13, 2010 politisite 0

I see the latest White House and Dem Talking points is to point out that minority leader Boehner, if he becomes the Majority leader, would be beholden to lobbyist and special interests. Some left leaning commentators are making snide remarks about Boehner handing out big tobacco checks on the house floor, an allegation that has no basis in truth.
Ed over at HotAir picked up on the newest attacks and let folks know the truth. Speaker Pelosi has taken in double the Lobbyist cash then did the Minority leader. In addition, The current occupant of the White House has a wide range of Wall Street execs on his staff . So who is beholden to who?

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Congress takes first steps to circumvent Supreme Court ruling

February 13, 2010 politisite 0

In response to the Supreme Court’s ruling in the recent Citizens United v. FEC case — which overturned campaign finance law that barred corporations and unions from paying unlimited sums for political ads and was widely hailed by conservatives as a victory for first-amendment rights — Democratic leaders in Congress have begun taking steps to circumvent the decision. Reports the Financial Times: Senior Democratic lawmakers proposed legislation yesterday that would […]