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Major Corps say ObamaCare will cost them Billions

March 29, 2010 Politisite 0

Democrat Henry Waxman announced  that they will hold hearing with major companies  April 21 because the Companies like 3M, AK Steel Corp., Caterpillar Inc., Deere & Co. and Valero Energy,  and AT&T Inc. have elected to take Billion dollar writedowns due to healthcare costs.  Waxman wants to get in their face and call them liars in a public forum because, the companies saying healthcare will increase costs ,  “appears to […]

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Amid Pressure from State Attorney's General, Nelson forced to remove ‘Cornhusker Kickback’

February 13, 2010 Politisite 0

In response to criticism from his constituents, the media, and several attorneys general, Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) has requested Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) remove a controversial provision from the health care legislation which would have required federal taxpayers to fund an expanded portion of Nebraska’s Medicaid costs. The so-called Cornhusker Kickback, which Nelson received in exchange for becoming the final, key vote for the Senate version of President […]